Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Poor Ava...She looks so sad...and innocent.

Don't you feel bad for her?

Not Me--She's LYING!
I was attacked the minute I let her out from behind bars!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Open for Business

After a year of planning, working, planning, working, and being lazy in between, our basement project is finally finished! Six solid months of forcing ourselves to the grind every night after work. Countless trips to Home Depot. A few minor injuries. A lot of irritability and more than a few bad words. An emptied bank account. A lot of cleaning. And finally............joy!

So as of March 30th (2 days ahead of schedule) Hotel Peacock is open for business. It is fully furnished and we're workin' on the bare walls. We love it more each and every day. We'd love to share our new found joy with you! Please feel free to come visit and you will be rewarded with your own space, (bedroom, bathroom, exercise/play room, living room, theater room, and a couple storage rooms that won't bother you) away from our midnight squawkers and early morning talkers!

A few pictures taken right after the furniture arrived. (Not very representative, but you'll have to come visit if you want the full effect!)

Unfortunately, Byron didn't even let the dust settle or the paint dry before he began mapping plans for the next big project--the backyard. Wish us luck and feel free to use the paypal button to donate to our next cause- I'm broke! (Just kiddin'- though I might look into that paypal button!).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Toothless No More

Yes, that's right- she cut her first tooth a few days shy of 8 months. A little late for my kids, but still too early. Before you know it she'll be walking out the door to go to college. Okay, I made a little bit of a leap there, but point made. It all just goes too fast. Especially the first year.

Don't get me wrong, feeling like the 24 hour Golden Corral gets old, but the price is so worth the reward! Mom, I can see why you had 13 of these.

No I can't. What am I talking about? You're still crazy Mom........but I'll admit to empathizing with a little (teensy bit) of your insanity!