Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bring It Bunny

Easter is over...and with it, my love for the bunny. Cute, furry little rotten creatures. One such rodent has met his match and he doesn't even know it yet.

These are my broccoli plants. Or shall I say WERE my broccoli plants.

And this was an Eggplant.

And these are my peas that appear to have been mowed down overnight.

Well sorry Mr. Bunny, the free lunch is over. This is war!

Wish I had a night vision camera to watch you chomp down and run with you eyes on fire!

"Ahhhhhh....This broccoli tastes like cayenne pepper! Make it stop! Make the burning stop. I promise I won't eat your broccoli anymore!"

That's right Runny Babbit, you won't eat my garden anymore--cause you'll hate to see what I pull out next.

Anyone got a spare cat???

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Treats- Day 6

And lest these pictures lull you into believing these little ones are "angels," here's the note Colonel Mustard put on the front door tonight!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Andrew's Day

Today was Andrew's day-- a good day to be him!

After winning first place in his Lit Blitz Class for the year, we moved onto soccer where he Finally scored his first goal!

Andrew usually plays in the position of Striker and is very obedient- his job it to pass the ball to the Forwards, which he has dutifully learned to do so well. However, he even passes to the forwards when the shot is clearly his and he should take it. I have been so hoping he would just score a goal so that he could gain the confidence to do what the rest of us know he is capable of.
And tonight-- he did it!
Not, once, Not twice, but four times! I was so excited to see him accomplish that, and the turnaround was immediate. It was a great game for his team and especially for Andrew!

(Sorry no pics of the goals- they happened so fast and I didn't have the video camera with me tonight)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Deep Colonel Mustard

While driving down the road yesterday......

"I can think of at least a half dozen cars I want-- If I were rich, I'd totally be a car whore!"

Okay then.....!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ethan decided that he would give baseball a try this year-- actually T-ball-- since there's no pitcher and it's just organized chaos with a ball in the middle.

After two weeks of being rained out from practice and games, they finally played their first game this weekend. And Ethan did great! Great being relative to how he performed in soccer, which was standing behind the crowd of kids chasing the ball! (he didn't care for that sport)

He was the very first one up to bat and he had no idea what was going on. He swung, hit the ball, and everyone yelled run! So he ran. First toward the pitcher's mount, then out to right field, and finally back to first base.

But never fear, after his first nervous attempt, he had it down. First run to first, second run to second, third run to third.

And best of all, In a T-ball game, it doesn't matter where you are assigned on the field, when that ball flies everyone runs and dog piles on the ball! It was thoroughly entertaining.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I love holidays that have little or no commitment, and require no large gatherings of people pretending to get along and like each other. Thus, I love April Fool's day. No commitment to do anything, but a free pass to prank whomever, whenever, and however you like.
Now I'm not big into major pranks. I love to hear about them, but I always fear the repercussions would not be worth the initial excitement--I'll save those for the frat boys.
I did pull a little one on Colonel Mustard this morning. I changed the orientation on his laptop (to upside down), and when he sat down he was pretty upset that his computer was jacked up. I was going to tell him I dropped it on the stairs, but me thinks that would have been crossing the line and would have had him fuming. Instead, I just let him sweat a little and restart his computer a couple of times.

So that was my prank for the day and we had an April Fool's dinner so that I could celebrate a little more without getting paybacks I don't want.
"Cake" for dinner
(actually a stromboli )
"Burgers" for dessert
"Orange Soda" Ava was really miffed that her straw didn't work in the orange jello.
Oh, and I threw some boring broccoli in there for good measure--I'm not that cool of a Mom!