Friday, October 22, 2010


You ever notice how everyone wants you to take a survey about this that or the other? Just this week, I had to fill out one for the hospital. I guess they got tired of spending 5 minutes on the phone actually speaking with their patients, so they sent out an automated call and told me to go online to fill out a short survey. (it took 30 minutes). So to spite them and their automated system, I was a little less than cooperative.

Has the patient had any previous procedures? Please list the procedure, when, and where it too place.
--"Yes, many--look in your file, I don't remember."

Has the patient had any previous problems with anesthesia? Please be specific.
--"Yes, mostly issues with waking up."

Does the patient have any allergies to food? If yes, please list the allergy and reaction.
--"A more appropriate question would be --What is she NOT allergic to?"

They haven't called to schedule her procedure yet. Me thinks they don't really want to talk to her mother--she's kind of a smart mouth.

Today, Colonel Mustard took a survey for school--and it was a whole different kind of survey--and quite enlightening.

How old are you?
--"I'd rather not answer that."

Were you born in America?
-- "probably not"

What is your biological gender?
--for real? Now we have to specify if we were born male, female, or hermaphrodite?

"Well now, let's see...I was born a male, but I didn't like that thing between my legs, so I had it changed...then I went through puberty, and well, you know...I didn't like that either, so I changed back! Now I think I'm a little of both, but I'm not really sure anymore"

Okay, okay, Colonel Mustard really didn't answer his survey like that....but I really wanted him too. And since he didn't take my suggestions, I think I'll use it the next time the hospital calls.

What is the patient's gender?
--"Ummm....did you want to know his biological gender, or what she is now?!!"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I know my name

I love when little kids start to carry on conversations with you. Ava is at that magical age where she talks, and talks, and talks some more. And most of what she says right now is really cute--and we've been enjoying it before the real talking (back talking) begins.

And in all of her talking, she has let us know she understands just who she is.

Daddy: Ava, how old are you?

Ava: I two!

Daddy: What's your name?

Ava: Rella!

30 mins. later--just to see if she had a memory lapse and really does know her real name.

Daddy: Ava, how old are you?

Ava: I two!

Daddy: What's your name?

Ava: I Rella!

Well, there you have it-- you can name your kid whatever you want but they don't have to acknowledge it as their name. It's time to get ready for bed and I have to go get hmm hmm...Cinderella in her jammies!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Deep Andrew

Andrew: "Mom, I know what we should do like the sun. You know, do nothing, cause the sun does nothing--it just sits there."

Mom: Andrew I think the song says "live like HIS SON."--which is actually referring to Jesus Christ.

Andrew: "No it's live like the sun, and that's what I'm going to do today."

Proof that even smart people have serious blonde moments!

Friday, October 8, 2010


How fast can you run a mile? To be honest I really can't run much at all anymore. When it comes to running, my body is like an 80 year old woman. I can run for a while, but inevitably, within a couple of weeks, I'm in enough pain that I have trouble sleeping. This was an acceptable side effect when I was younger, but in my wise old age, I've determined that sleep is much more valuable than a runner's high. I did get a hankering a few months ago and had to prove to myself I still had it in me. So I ran for a while, even clocked a mile on the treadmill in a little over 6 mins. once. (though I thought I may die afterward!) Not bad for a non-running old woman.

The mid-life crisis thing to do is run a marathon or triathalon or something. I will never be able to do either, so I'll have to come up with something else, something less exciting, something more fattening! And in the mean-time I'll live vicariously through my kid.

So back to my question. How fast can you run a mile? Is 7:48 a good time for the mile? Not a shabby time at all in my book. What if you were 4 feet tall and 7 years old?

Andrew was so excited to run the mile this week. They run it twice a year in school for the Presidential Physical Fitness test. His goal for himself was the mid-7's, and while I thought it was an overly lofty goal for a 7 year old, he came pretty close. Imagine what a little training would do for the kid? So I figure I may have a year or two left until he leaves me in the dust.

And for my midlife crisis I'll be eating bon-bons while I cheer him on instead.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Times

Good times with our friends.
Eating candy sticks...

Climbing Trees....

Walking in downtown Helen....

Riding on Dad's shoulders....

Good times for everyone walking behind us too!