Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some Stellar Dudes

I keep thinking of things I forgot to post about before we left home. Maybe it's because I often long to be back there, or I simply have too much time to think about all the many things I forgot in that last crazy month in Georgia.

I guess the boys wanted to leave Georgia with a bang, and they both had a couple of neat accomplishments the week before we left.

Ethan scored his first home run in Baseball! He has always been one of those reliable hitters who can get you on first, but he finally proved he can knock 'em out of the park too! I wish I had gotten a video of it!

Ethan and Andrew both left Gum Springs Elementary on the top 20 AR earners. They were sad to leave as they will get no recognition for their year of hard work getting there. It's a LOT of reading! And I'm certain there were a couple of happy kids at Gum Springs when two spots suddenly opened up! I am sad that the kids missed the end of the year. There are so many people there we love and I wished we didn't have to leave like we did.

Andrew also earned another "Hall of Famer" at Gum Springs as he set the school record in the mile just before we left. 6:01. No--I can't keep up--I'm too old and I won't try anymore. So close to breaking into 5 min. territory!
Well now--he looks like rock star (or a punk!) in this picture doesn't he!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Goodbye to an old friend

I have waited to post about this because it was a painful topic. However, everyday I think of it, and feel guilty that I have not paid tribute to our old friend.

Some of you know that our last dog Buddy had not been too well over the past 8-9 months. In fact, I was certain that he was going to die about 6 months ago but I couldn't bring myself to have him put to sleep. He was very old and had a couple large tumors on his neck and stomach. He had been having seizures on a fairly regular basis and we are quite certain that at one point, he had a stroke.

I am not one who feels very comfortable having my pet put to sleep. For some reason, I really feel they should die naturally. However, this time I was faced with a very difficult decision. We had to leave and we couldn't take him with us. I also feared that he was too old and sick to make the trip even if we could bring him along. I had talked to others about taking him and finally, was helped by a friend to the conclusion I already knew. I could either allow him to pass with us, or someone who didn't care would immediately do what I didn't have the constitution to do. I spoke with the vet and her tech and they agreed this was the best decision for his poor health.

The day before we left Georgia, I took my dear old friend, and put him to rest. We were able to bury him next to his old friend Bear before we left our home. In retrospect, I realized I probably should have let him go sooner.  I am grateful, and my heart is at peace, knowing he laid his head in my lap as he took his last breath, and was able to be buried at home where he belonged.

Goodbye to my dear friend Buddy. You have been a part of our family for so long. We love you and miss you.
 Thus closes another wonderful chapter of our lives. 
 Dec. 21, 2001- Apr. 9, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On my Mind...and in my Heart.

I'm late posting this, but we've had to get settled in a hurry and wait for all things internet to be reestablished.

The last month has been one of the hardest of my life. So many things happening. So much uneasiness about the future. So many heartbreaking decisions to be made. And while it was hard to get through, I recognize that the in the future, I will draw on this time in my life for strength to push through other trials.

I wanted to share a special experience I had a little over a month ago. It happened on the day our house went under contract. That was a very busy day with a lot of back and forth between us and the buyer, other people looking at the house, tons of phone calls, errands, and interviews. By the time we signed the final contract I was spent. I had cried a good portion of the day, feeling torn between the blessing of selling the house and struggling with the emotions of signing a contract on a house we didn't really want to sell. We had felt what we were doing was right but felt so lost in what it was the Lord wanted us to do with our family. That night we sat down with the kids to do our usual scripture and thought. This was the thought out of our book dated March 11th.

Though you sometimes may not be able to see the way, know that your Father in Heaven will never forsake His righteous followers. He will not leave you comfortless. He will be at your side, yes guiding you every step of the way.
Joseph B. Wirthlin

No coincidence about this thought--it was definitely meant for us, on this day. After reading it I felt deeply impressed that what we had suspected, and moved toward for the last year, was indeed true. It was time for our family to leave our beloved Georgia.

The next three weeks were a whirlwind as everything fell into place almost quicker than we could accommodate. And this is where I owe an apology to many of you. We didn't say goodbye to hardly anyone. Please forgive me.

I have never been good at goodbye--I prefer see you later--because you will. It was hard to face anyone and say we were leaving without becoming a blubbering basket case, so I waited til the last minute to tell anyone. Then to top it off, we had to come up here to quickly find a place to live and were soon informed we had three days to run home, pack it all up, and be back here. 

I want all my Georgia family to know how much we love you. Nine years ago, I didn't want to move to Georgia. Now here we are, leaving Home behind. We love our home sweet Georgia. We appreciate all of you-- your friendship, your service, your love, and most of all for just being the best southern rednecks around!!

Til we meet again. (and we will visit soon)
Love the Peacock Family