Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Every year this picture gets harder to take--no one will sit still and we are never all looking at the camera. But rain, or shine, home or not, screaming or smiling--the picture will get taken.

Another year almost wrapped--it's been a hard, wonderful, interesting year for our family. I wouldn't give away one single day. We are blessed beyond measure. The kids are in bed awaiting the big day and for me it is melancholy for the sun to set on my favorite day of the year. Every year that goes by I grow more and more fond of Christmas Eve. To me, it is the best day of the year-a culmination of all the excitement and preparation of the entire Christmas season. A day largely without presents and focused more on the sacred birth that happened in a stable so many years ago. How I love my Savior. How increasingly grateful I am for him each year I grow older. Thanks be to God for his most precious gift.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours. We pray you feel the love and blessings of our Savior this beautiful Christmas season.

The Peacock Family

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yesterday was Colonel Mustard's Graduation! (last one we hope--I don't think any of us have the patience for a doctorate degree--eek!)

 Colonel Mustard and I were married young, had kids young, and kind of did stuff backwards. Would I change it? No, I wouldn't. Why? We have worked hard, together, amid much adversity to be where we are. There have been no handouts, very little help from outside sources and no one to lean on but each other. We are not special. We are not affluent. We have no position of power or influence in our community, family or church. But we have a little family that we love and are trying to raise and provide for--and that is special to us--and worth hard sacrifices.

 Colonel Mustard's wise uncle once told me that we were doing things the right way. We placed our priorities on the things the Lord wanted us to do--he said everything else would come--even if it was hard. I'm certain he doesn't remember, but we had that conversation about 9 years ago. Now I can't speak to whether or not it was the "right way," but it was the way, and the circumstances for us. So yesterday, Colonel Mustard accomplished a goal we have worked and sacrificed dearly for. And while I'm certain the rough going is not over, it was so nice to celebrate the end of One long road for our little family.

It was like pulling teeth to get him to stand here for this picture!

Not our best picture-we look tired and over it--we are!

Colonel Mustard with all his other "Accomplishments."

Can't wait until the actual diploma arrives so we can find a place to hang it and his bachelor's diploma up!

And just had to throw this pic in here of Colonel Mustard going for a walk with "Linus" always dragging her snugglie behind.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ethan's Baptism

Ethan was baptized last Sunday December 8th. Yes, I'm very slow posting because it's been quite busy around here (is it ever not?) and because I forgot my camera and my phone that day. So...I have a few pics that Grandpa took and then I realized we have no pictures with Grandma and Grandpa--like the entire time they were here. (World's worst picture taker???---Me)

Ethan's funny baptism story. Dad forgot to bring an extra white shirt so he was attempting not to get his shirt tails wet. The drain plug is attached to a string and wouldn't open after the baptism. Ethan got to go "diving" in the font a couple of times to get the drain opened . It was kind of funny to watch!

Ethan and Dad.

 The only family picture we got--at home--half undressed--But hey, at least I got A picture!

It was a great day and we are so proud of Ethan and his choice to be baptized.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Deep Thoughts....by Colonel Mustard

"It's here. The long awaited day is finally here!"
(happy dance--that would be me happy dancing. Colonel Mustard would never do a happy dance!!)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Feeling Ungrateful?

I should have posted for Thanksgiving...I guess that makes me ungrateful..I'm not. We had a busy week of getting stuff done and enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving week at home...just us chickens. And we are grateful. We definitely see a stark contrast in our holiday season from last year to this. Thinking back, I really believed this year would be rainbows and butterflies. I am a very misguided person. But a strangely grateful misguided person. For all the trials we feel we have been through, and all the trials we feel we are currently experiencing, I have one constant--a deep abiding sense that everything will be okay. I don't know when or how, but I said that last year...and the year before..and somehow...it always is--okay.

So this year I'm most thankful for the love of our Heavenly Father and my faith in him. When the day seems long and dark, and the road seems lonely and barren, somewhere deep in my heart, I know he is there. I know he is aware of our little family and our needs. I know if we strive to do what is right, he will be there for us. I see it everyday in the little blessings and tender mercies that have come our way. His end to our trials may not come in ways we ever expected, but it will be okay--and better than we ever thought. (I hope)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ava's Pumpkin pie! Always a triumph when it looks good---and she wants to eat the whole thing!

The kids putting up the Christmas Tree.

Our "picnic" by the fire.

The baby birds want more leftovers! (Poor Colonel Mustard eats many meals this way. Two baby birds begging for bites until there's nothing left for him to eat!)