Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Northeast.....

I apologize.  It is I who is praying for the snow. kids too. We desperately wanted it, but all we got was 2 days of ice cold rain and some crappy wind that made me say bad words in spite of my goal not to.

I guess my prayers are being lost in translation and my number is coming up with a New York area code.

I'll try to rectify the situation.

Dear God,

We want more snow. We live in Georgia. That's G-E-O-R-G-I-A, not New York, or Philadelphia, or Boston. They are very unappreciative of it's beauty, and understandably so. Could you please arrange a Friday afternoon record-busting snow for Georgia? (no ice necessary)

We would sincerely appreciate it.....and please leave nothing for the Northeast. They would appreciate that too!

Love Me

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Picture Thoughts

 "Clowning around"

 "My Big Brother's Shoes"

 "Wild Child"

 "Wild Child Part II"

 "Love you Beary Much"

 "Boring Movie"

 "Thank Goodness and Good Heavens"

 "Swinging with Daddy"
 "Locked and Loaded"

 "Mall Walkers"

 "The Origin of Good Looks"

"Love the Camera"

 "Where'd they go?"

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hard Work

Being a Princess can be quite exhausting!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break came a little early for us this year. Many are trying to deny that we will lose spring break, but it is designated on the school calendar as" weather make-up days," so.....I'm pretty sure it's gone.

Would we trade our snow for spring break back? Ask me in April and I might say differently, but it was such a rare occasion to be forced to slow down, sit at home and just be together. We really enjoyed the laziness!

While we still have snow on the ground over a week later, I think it's pretty safe to say it's likely to be the last time we see it for at least another year.

So here's a few pictures of our spring break in January.

Ready to Brave the Cold

Winter Wonderland

Buddy and Bear lovin' the white stuff!
Snowball fight with the neighbors!
"Ice Rink" (the real reason we were out of school for a week- but isn't it beautiful?)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Colonel Mustard's Birthday

Yesterday was Colonel Mustard's Birthday--He's 29....again. Ethan asked how old Dad was and Andrew started to say something that sounded like it started with a 3. I quickly stopped and corrected him.

"29 Andrew, it's 29." I said.

"What, he's not 29?" Andrew replied.

"29 Andrew. Whenever anyone asks how old your parents are, you say 29. Now how old is Dad today?" I asked.

"29." Andrew replied.

Let's hope he remembers next month.

To add insult to injury, Colonel Mustard was on the phone with his niece when his mother so kindly instructed her that Colonel Mustard was the same age as Jesus when he died. Nice!

But....keeping tabs (as I have since he turned.....not 29) he still has not a gray hair. That's pretty remarkable considering he lives with me...and Ava.

 Happy Birthday honey! Sorry your birthday was a little bit of a drag. We'll find you a good gun to make up for it!

Birthday snuggles with Daddy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

I ripped this off a Facebook friend, mostly cause I'm too lazy to download pictures tonight--I'll get to that. Those of you that live here have obviously had the same entertaining week, but for those of you that don't--tomorrow we will be working on our 4th day off School-- and for the most part work. I love having my kids home, but dread having to make up all these days.

In my opinion the first two days were warranted--today was pushing it--and tomorrow, well that's just plain ridiculous. Then again we happened to be driving home on the freeway tonight when we came to a several mile section where our lane was pretty well frozen over, and you should have seen the line of idiots in front of us. What part of "don't slam on your brakes when driving on a sheet of ice" do you not understand?

The snow is really beautiful to see, especially after the freezing rain made everything look like a skating rink. It glistens in the sunlight and is really something to behold. Despite the extreme mess it has created, I am very grateful to have a taste of real winter. Well not so much winter--winter sucks, but snow is one of God's most beautiful and peaceful creations.

And those of you up north, give us Southerners a break. We have crazy ice, 10 snow plows, and 4+ million idiots who couldn't pass a Driver's Ed class.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quality Education

~First day back at school after almost 3 full weeks off~

I am assured that my children are receiving a better education in their public school than your kid is. Wanna know how I know?

Upon his exit from the school bus I hugged Andrew and asked how his day was.

"Good. I learned a new song. Wanna hear it?

"Sure," I replied.

(Andrew Sings)
"I'm a Barbie Girl,
In a Barbie World,
I'm so fantastic,
My poop is plastic."

I'm so glad to know his first day back at school was so productive.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Tidbit

I should write a lengthy post about my awe inspiring New Year's resolutions, but there a couple problems with that.

1. I hate New Year's Resolutions
2. I didn't make any (except to get fat just to spite all the dieters out there)

Colonel Mustard's parents have been here all week and we stayed up way too late and had lots of fun....and our lovely kids have given them an earful of good lines since they've been here. I'll share just one--one that left Grandma crying from excessive laughter.

 Colonel Mustard: Yeah, Bear, that dog is a freak.

Grandpa: Do the fireworks bother Buddy?

Colonel Mustard: No, Buddy could care less. It's only Bear that acts like an idiot.

Andrew: Yeah, Bear's a freak. Sometimes he tries to ride on Buddy. He just gets on him and he's like....Whooo Hoo (Andrew imitating his lasso moves) Ride 'em Buddy.

Andrew attempted to elaborate--well with the reaction and all he was quite encouraged...but we had to stop him before Grandma died of embarrassment.

And we promised him an explanation at length... by Colonel Mustard---when he's older...much older.

Happy New Year! I resolve to have more fun this year! With kids like mine I'm certain I will!