Monday, January 17, 2011

Colonel Mustard's Birthday

Yesterday was Colonel Mustard's Birthday--He's 29....again. Ethan asked how old Dad was and Andrew started to say something that sounded like it started with a 3. I quickly stopped and corrected him.

"29 Andrew, it's 29." I said.

"What, he's not 29?" Andrew replied.

"29 Andrew. Whenever anyone asks how old your parents are, you say 29. Now how old is Dad today?" I asked.

"29." Andrew replied.

Let's hope he remembers next month.

To add insult to injury, Colonel Mustard was on the phone with his niece when his mother so kindly instructed her that Colonel Mustard was the same age as Jesus when he died. Nice!

But....keeping tabs (as I have since he turned.....not 29) he still has not a gray hair. That's pretty remarkable considering he lives with me...and Ava.

 Happy Birthday honey! Sorry your birthday was a little bit of a drag. We'll find you a good gun to make up for it!

Birthday snuggles with Daddy


Jazz and Rod said...

AHHH crap I knew it was in Jan.!! I'm blaming the pregnant brain b/c it's the only valid excuse I have anymore. His cake looks divine!! And yes...a gun is always a good man present! :~) Happy 29th Byron!!!

Jaime said...

didn't know it was his bday, Happy Birthday ole man! we can say that, b/c I think we are older right?