Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quality Education

~First day back at school after almost 3 full weeks off~

I am assured that my children are receiving a better education in their public school than your kid is. Wanna know how I know?

Upon his exit from the school bus I hugged Andrew and asked how his day was.

"Good. I learned a new song. Wanna hear it?

"Sure," I replied.

(Andrew Sings)
"I'm a Barbie Girl,
In a Barbie World,
I'm so fantastic,
My poop is plastic."

I'm so glad to know his first day back at school was so productive.


Bobbi said...

Haha that's funny! Just so you know. . I am sure your blog updates just fine! I just added those posts for the month of November on my blog in the last couple of days. I post them the day they happened if I get behind so it is dated correctly when I print out my blog books.
And as you can see I am at least a month behind :)

AMiller said...

That is great! I remember you playing that song so loud and singing to it during lunch breaks. Ha ha.

Jaime said...