Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Tidbit

I should write a lengthy post about my awe inspiring New Year's resolutions, but there a couple problems with that.

1. I hate New Year's Resolutions
2. I didn't make any (except to get fat just to spite all the dieters out there)

Colonel Mustard's parents have been here all week and we stayed up way too late and had lots of fun....and our lovely kids have given them an earful of good lines since they've been here. I'll share just one--one that left Grandma crying from excessive laughter.

 Colonel Mustard: Yeah, Bear, that dog is a freak.

Grandpa: Do the fireworks bother Buddy?

Colonel Mustard: No, Buddy could care less. It's only Bear that acts like an idiot.

Andrew: Yeah, Bear's a freak. Sometimes he tries to ride on Buddy. He just gets on him and he's like....Whooo Hoo (Andrew imitating his lasso moves) Ride 'em Buddy.

Andrew attempted to elaborate--well with the reaction and all he was quite encouraged...but we had to stop him before Grandma died of embarrassment.

And we promised him an explanation at length... by Colonel Mustard---when he's older...much older.

Happy New Year! I resolve to have more fun this year! With kids like mine I'm certain I will!

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Jaime said...

HILARIOUS! wishing you a great year with lots of fun, great idea!