Saturday, March 31, 2012

Was it Worth it?

Definitely Worth. Every. Awful. Day.

Introducing Allison Paige (left) and Katlyn Elise (right)

Allison Paige
March 28, 2012
18.5 in.

Katlyn Elise
March 28, 2012
They were born at 38 weeks-- No Bedrest, No NICU, zero complications(Yes, Doc--you can call me  Super Mama--and yes I'm bragging--cause I deserve it after the nine most awful months of my life) after a wonderful epidural wore off and Mommy had to push two precious babies out without any pain meds (ouch and OUCH a second time)

 The peanuts came home yesterday (weighing in just over 5lbs. each and with fingernails 3 inches long!) and are adjusting very well. The boys are whipped. Ava however, loves her sisters, but is experiencing a serious case of dethroning and a subsequent mental break down. If you hear her across the street, try and sympathize with her situation--it is so hard for a Diva to share the spotlight!!

We are all in love with our little miracles. It is funny how something I never ever wanted has quickly usurped my heart and become one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Opening Day

This last weekend was opening day for Soccer and Baseball, so I thought I'd share a couple pics of the boys' big day.

 Ethan is playing Rookie League baseball this year, which means they actually play with rules and the coach pitches to them. He seems to be picking up the game quite well and is really having fun with it. It is so fun to see him have something of his own that he enjoys. While he hasn't knocked one out of the park yet, he is a dependable hitter and  is improving all the time! I had complained to Colonel Mustard that Baseball is so boring and there is so much standing around, but at his game last night I found myself yelling and getting excited just like I do at Soccer, so I'm sure the game will grow on me as I watch him play more.

Andrew is playing U10 Soccer again this season and since practice started a month ago, the tell tale signs have appeared that it is once again soccer season--a voracious appetite that rivals a teenage boy, and pants and shorts that have suddenly become too small due to his ever enlarging thigh and buttock muscles! (which I'll say is good--he starts to look a little like a chicken in the winter and I prefer my boys a little meatier than that!) After a season of being the runts on the field, his team is looking a lot stronger this season, so it should be fun to watch them play.

(Sorry the pics aren't better, but we had to stand out of the way so the pros could get a descent picture for their scrapbook!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Reasons This Pregnancy Needs to be Over

I guess I'm into lists lately, so I thought I'd compile another one and give it to my doctor. Not that I really will--because he doesn't really care--he's never been pregnant with twins.

So here are my top ten reasons this pregnancy needs to be over--NOW!

10. I am suffocating to death. In fact I'm pretty sure one morning Colonel Mustard is going to come out and find a cold corpse on the couch because I just gave up trying to breathe.

9. The babies are baked! 36 weeks is full term for twins and I'll be 37 in a couple of days. They are huge-- get them out! DO NOT say anything about 40 weeks cause I'm pretty sure you'll be permanently added to the top of my forever.

8.  My mother-in-law will be here tomorrow, so there is no longer any excuse about who will manage my kids at home while the doctor extracts the two that are destroying my body.

7. I have stretch marks--yes at 36 weeks, the inevitable has happened. I have stretch marks starting on the bottom of my belly and I'm NOT happy about it. These girls can kiss any college tuition funds goodbye-- those funds were reassigned to the "Buy Mom some boobs, lypo, and laser surgery fund!"

6. My family is now praying that the babies will come out--SOON!.....because Mom doesn't have a short fuse--she has no fuse. It's like sticking a match straight to the stick of dynamite---and you never know what is going to light the match-- and you have no time to prepare it's just BOOM!

5. I think have I developed Pica. It started as an innocent need to stand in the wood aisle at Home Depot and deeply inhale for long periods of time, but has unfortunately escalated. I wish to drink spray paint and gasoline, chew on wood, and I struggle with a deep desire to eat the nicely groomed baseball field when Ethan is at practice. Yes, laugh... it's very funny... unless you're the one who REALLY has to fight the urge to eat dirt--then it's just plain messed up!

4. I cannot think at all anymore. No really, not just pregnancy brain, I actually cannot get enough blood to my brain. I black out on a regular basis and when I'm not blacking out, I feel as if I will throw up and pass out all together. Apparently this is just a side effect of my blood pressure being too low and my body's inability to pump blood past the babies who rob it all-- I'm suppose to go lie down when this happens, but then I'd pretty much be in bed all day...feeling like I'm going to suffocate to death. (see #10)

3. I have accomplished enough. All the major projects that I wanted to get done before the babies came have been done....and if I have to wait around much longer, I'm sure to come up with a new completely asanine  project that will surely send Colonel Mustard running for the hills!

2. I'm pretty sure that my pelvic floor is destroyed. Maybe that's why I can't go into labor. I didn't know it was possible for one body to endure such massive amounts of pressure without everything falling out the bottom. The curb running and trampoline jumping are probably not helping the situation, but you can't blame me for trying.  Come to think of it, the neighbors across the street have a bunch of horses... haven't tried that yet.

1. I have mentally checked out of this pregnancy. I am becoming more and more detached by the hour because that is the only way I know how to deal with the unrelenting exhaustion, sickness, and discomfort.

So if you see me out and about, do yourself a favor, pretend you don't see how massively pregnant I am and talk about something else-- or you might see a side of me you wish you didn't know!

Monday, March 12, 2012

MIA again

I seem to be MIA around here again. I'll try to be better, but I have several good reasons for that.

1) Something is up with my computer's external hard drive and I'm too lazy to figure it out-- and keep forgetting to tell Colonel Mustard to figure it out, so I'm having issues with pictures and such.

2) I had to switch and completely redo my kids' rooms.

3) I had to make 5 quilts for so said children (I didn't HAVE to, but you know you never get past those puppy dog eyes.)

4) I had to get my garden prepped for spring planting.

5) I HAD to repaint the entire main floor of my house-- it was driving me crazy and I can't be reasoned with when I'm pregnant---or not pregnant-- I'm pretty much always that way.

6) My cervix hurts.
 (Your cervix would hurt too if your belly looked like this!)