Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shoe Fetish

I've never been a super girly-girl. (Does that even make sense?) I like nail polish and make-up and dresses-- just not enough to get excited about. Shoes were never really my thing either.
All that changed however when I heard three little words. No, not I love you, what do you think this is? some romance novel? I mean-- "It's a girl!" After I cried with excitement, I headed out to the nearest store to buy dresses and shoes.
I needed to try out a feature on my new camera (I am the world's worst picture taker), so I photographed Ava's growing collection of shoes. I had her feet sized the other day--still size zero, so most still have tags and stuff attached waiting for her to grow into.
For those of you who are wondering how much I spent?- I only paid regular price for the black ones- my most favorite! If I bought all the ones I really wanted, I might be signing divorce papers instead of writing this blog!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ethan sleeps...

Anywhere and Everywhere
In the stroller...

On a giant bear...

watching a movie...

my favorite... on the kitchen floor

I have done this too, but in my defense, I was very pregnant, very sick, and very...unhinged. (Good thing no one got a picture of that!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pray for thine Enemy

Remember that Wii I talked about? Well, I was dumb and we got one for Christmas. I've developed a love hate relationship with it. My children are already addicted to it, but in a way that's nice. We now how some leverage for behavior in our house.

Andrew got grounded from the Wii the other day (again), and apparently Ethan was happy about it. For the last three nights he's prayed--"Thank you for Andrew gets grounded from the Wii." You can just imagine how well this goes over with a 5 year old. "Mom he can't pray for that. He's happy that I got grounded....wah, wah wah, etc., etc.," And the fit commences. I didn't want to make a big deal of it because then Ethan would think it was cool and keep praying for it the next two months, so I ignored it and tried to tell Andrew to do the same. He cannot.

So last night, Ethan was in the same boat (grounded from the Wii), but once again, gave Andrew a sly little look and prayed his thanks at Andrew's misfortune. To my surprise, no balking from Andrew. He just grinned and started praying--- "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day, Thank you that Ethan is grounded from the Wii..."

Friday, January 23, 2009

"She's more than that"

Andrew came home from school today and the conversation went as follows:

Andrew: Mom, someone at school just loves me.
Me: Is that so?
A: Yes, and she just gave me like 20 hugs today. Her name is Victoria. She says she's going to marry me.
M: Did you tell her you're only 5?
A: She already knows that.
M: think she's your girlfriend?
A: No she's more than that- I'm going to be her husband.

Well then.............The first time I've been truly at a loss of words with my child. I didn't know if I should die laughing or what?!?!

So sorry all you heartbroken kindergartners-- I guess Andrew is taken!

Do you blame the girl? She could be missin' all this!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Memories

I'm sure you noticed that yesterday was the inauguration of a new president of the United States. No, this is not a giddy post about how excited I am for "change" to begin. There will be change alright, most will be negative in nature (by my standards), and a lot will not change-- empty promises from power hungry, selfish politicians who know nothing of the peoples' or this country's best interests.

But-- this post is about my memories of an inauguration. I would consider myself lucky to have witnessed the process firsthand eight years ago when president Bush was inaugurated. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill, which afforded me and my family the opportunity to be part of the events. We attended an inaugural ball, we toured all the historic monuments and buildings, and attempted to attend the inauguration. (We ended up watching from my office since the crowds of people were insane - didn't miss that yesterday!)

Unfortunately, this event, as all political events in Washington, was marred by irreverence, corruption, and disrespect. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing to take part (as I'm sure it was for others yesterday) in such an event in history. Few experiences hold such a neat place in my memory. I will never forget it, but I try to gloss over the parts that remind me of the imperfect world we live in.
For those of you that like me, feel some despair at the state of our nation ( both politically and in other ways), let me share a few memories that I pray will give you hope.

Byron and I moved from D.C. at nighttime. He picked me up from work and we drove out of town that night. I was sad to leave, though I knew it was time to go. We left my office and walked across the Capitol lawn. I looked back at the Capitol at sunset and began to cry. You see, I had spent a lot of time in that historic building. I gave personal tours to our constituents and had prided myself on giving a meaningful and uplifting experience to those I was charged with entertaining. I spent many hours in those corridors learning the history of the buildings and our nation.

I'm sure many of you have experienced walking on hallowed ground. There is a feeling that overcomes you that this place has a sacred significance. Yes, it has to be sought out, but this too, it hallowed ground. A nation was born and created with the sole purpose of freedom for it's people. The spirit of those inspired individuals still lingers in those halls. If you listen carefully, their voices can be heard above all the corruption around them, for they were inspired of God, and their mission in life will never be forgotten. It may be dimmed for a time by unworthy men and women, but will someday overcome all the evil around.

It's great to know how the story ends when despair overcomes one's faculties. There is hope in the future. We do not know what hardships stand before this nation, but we know that by a thin thread freedom will prevail, and all the wrongs that have been and will be brought upon us, will be amended.

So, as I watch another inauguration take place from the comfort of my home, I do not dwell on my disappointment of what is to come. I recall my own memories. I recall that sunset on the Capitol lawn. I remember so that one day I can share with my children the blessing that is theirs. Despair not, but press forward with faith. All is not lost. There is a brighter tomorrow.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Byron

You'd be happy to know that Ethan got in trouble today-- he went in his room, threw himself on the floor, and cried "I want my Daddy" over and over for like five minutes. We miss you. Hope you had a great day! XO

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What you missed

My mom was a cook. (still is). I loved her food (still do). Unfortunately, with all good things we tend to take them for granted when it's there all the time.

I remember as a child a rare occasion when mom would schlep us off to local grocery store. After gathering everything we intended to she would wander down the frozen foods isle and the conversation would go something like this. "Dad and I have such and such to do, so how about picking out a TV dinner for tonight?" My eyes would light up with delight at the prospect of this new culinary adventure my taste buds would soon be embarking on. "Hmmm... should I pick the chicken nuggets and corn, or the turkey slices with gravy and peas??" We'd take home our blessed boxes, eagerly await the ding of the microwave, and park ourselves in front of the TV. Ahhh, sweet satisfaction--processed chicken parts, soggy french fries, and bland corn. This is the life I thought.

Well, some things never change-- just the reasoning behind them. Byron is gone. Left us for more exciting adult types (who sleep through the night I might add). As the clock approached 5pm and the boys began their "I'm hungry" cries, I joyously announced that we would be eating boxed gourmet tonight. They seemed excited enough. I was thrilled at my night off from cooking and so dinner commenced. Start to finish in about 15 minutes.

So babe, THIS is what you missed!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Need I say more? We have that is.......... we'll spare them any further embarrassment...........for now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movin on Up!

Ava marked her 5 month birthday by movin' on up-- in diapers that is. We have finally graduated from a very long stint in Newborn diapers to Size 1! So to commemorate this occasion we took a picture of her in her diaper! But really, who cares what size diaper she wears? I just needed an excuse to take a diaper picture. I love diaper pictures.

We didn't however, take a picture of the poop that now leaks out the side of the leg holes that aren't tight enough. I thought I'd spare those of you who are eating dinner at your computer. So instead, we got this nice shot of her crossing her legs. How lady-like!

Now for the real reason I wrote this post. (I almost always have an ulterior motive). I just had to post this picture. (Ethan at 3 months) I call this "Trunks"

Mmmmm.... look at those legs... makes me hungry for somethin' like fried chicken. Hey, I know you were thinking it too. Them are juicy!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today in the mail we got a card from Byron's grandma and our kids only living great grandparent. She addressed the card to Mr. and Mrs. Byron Peacock and Angels. It's not the first time she has sent a card addressed this way- she's done it several times, but it always makes me smile and laugh a little.

She's only met the boys once, but insisted then they wonderful little kids. Never mind that she doesn't have to break up the fights(I just had to stop typing to do just that!), put up with potty mouth and backtalking, disobedience, etc. etc. All she saw were cute little children of God.

Since one of my new goals is to be a better mother and look for the good in my kids, I really appreciated her perspective in the mail today. Yes, they are angels-- imperfect as they may be, and streaking through my kitchen at this very moment.

Thanks Grandma Y for the reminder! Have you spanked (I mean KISSED) your little angels today!?

Friday, January 2, 2009


I will NOT lose weight.

There, I thought I'd get it out there. I HATE resolutions for weight loss. I think it has much to do with my dislike for the month of January in general. It's such a unhealthy pattern of gluttony and self deprivation- not that I have any problem with the gluttony part, I love Oct-Dec. and happily take part. It's the self deprivation of January that is so wrong. We set a goal to lose all this weight (usually with some lofty goal of supermodel string bean) and spend the entire month hating every moment. After that, most of us give up and realize there's something to that book entitled "Skinny B@$&#^." Really, do you know a skinny person that's happy? If so they are lying- it's impossible to be happy when you're starving to death!

On a selfish note, people are flat rude to me in January. I love to cook and bake and I become the "mother of all evil" in January. "How dare she come over here with those cookies when I'm trying so diligently to look like Kate Moss." On the flip side I'm usually a welcome sight in March when the reality check has set in!

So there's my New Year's Un-resolution! I have plenty of worthwhile other goals I'm striving for, but I'll spare you the details of my many character flaws--for today.

If however you have joined the "be skinny" bandwagon, please jump off, as fast as you can. Try eating a few (this does not mean banish them completely) less brownies and move your meat instead. People will like you a lot more! ( Yes, honey, I'm still thinking about the weight loss shakes for you! C'mon- they're so much easier than making a real lunch!!)