Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movin on Up!

Ava marked her 5 month birthday by movin' on up-- in diapers that is. We have finally graduated from a very long stint in Newborn diapers to Size 1! So to commemorate this occasion we took a picture of her in her diaper! But really, who cares what size diaper she wears? I just needed an excuse to take a diaper picture. I love diaper pictures.

We didn't however, take a picture of the poop that now leaks out the side of the leg holes that aren't tight enough. I thought I'd spare those of you who are eating dinner at your computer. So instead, we got this nice shot of her crossing her legs. How lady-like!

Now for the real reason I wrote this post. (I almost always have an ulterior motive). I just had to post this picture. (Ethan at 3 months) I call this "Trunks"

Mmmmm.... look at those legs... makes me hungry for somethin' like fried chicken. Hey, I know you were thinking it too. Them are juicy!!

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