Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Memories

I'm sure you noticed that yesterday was the inauguration of a new president of the United States. No, this is not a giddy post about how excited I am for "change" to begin. There will be change alright, most will be negative in nature (by my standards), and a lot will not change-- empty promises from power hungry, selfish politicians who know nothing of the peoples' or this country's best interests.

But-- this post is about my memories of an inauguration. I would consider myself lucky to have witnessed the process firsthand eight years ago when president Bush was inaugurated. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill, which afforded me and my family the opportunity to be part of the events. We attended an inaugural ball, we toured all the historic monuments and buildings, and attempted to attend the inauguration. (We ended up watching from my office since the crowds of people were insane - didn't miss that yesterday!)

Unfortunately, this event, as all political events in Washington, was marred by irreverence, corruption, and disrespect. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing to take part (as I'm sure it was for others yesterday) in such an event in history. Few experiences hold such a neat place in my memory. I will never forget it, but I try to gloss over the parts that remind me of the imperfect world we live in.
For those of you that like me, feel some despair at the state of our nation ( both politically and in other ways), let me share a few memories that I pray will give you hope.

Byron and I moved from D.C. at nighttime. He picked me up from work and we drove out of town that night. I was sad to leave, though I knew it was time to go. We left my office and walked across the Capitol lawn. I looked back at the Capitol at sunset and began to cry. You see, I had spent a lot of time in that historic building. I gave personal tours to our constituents and had prided myself on giving a meaningful and uplifting experience to those I was charged with entertaining. I spent many hours in those corridors learning the history of the buildings and our nation.

I'm sure many of you have experienced walking on hallowed ground. There is a feeling that overcomes you that this place has a sacred significance. Yes, it has to be sought out, but this too, it hallowed ground. A nation was born and created with the sole purpose of freedom for it's people. The spirit of those inspired individuals still lingers in those halls. If you listen carefully, their voices can be heard above all the corruption around them, for they were inspired of God, and their mission in life will never be forgotten. It may be dimmed for a time by unworthy men and women, but will someday overcome all the evil around.

It's great to know how the story ends when despair overcomes one's faculties. There is hope in the future. We do not know what hardships stand before this nation, but we know that by a thin thread freedom will prevail, and all the wrongs that have been and will be brought upon us, will be amended.

So, as I watch another inauguration take place from the comfort of my home, I do not dwell on my disappointment of what is to come. I recall my own memories. I recall that sunset on the Capitol lawn. I remember so that one day I can share with my children the blessing that is theirs. Despair not, but press forward with faith. All is not lost. There is a brighter tomorrow.

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Glad you found me on Facebook, because now I can see your blog! I didn't know you already had three! They are so cute! Hope you are doing good:)