Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deep Thoughts...

Know that your greatest blessing may be someone else's trial-- and that your trail may be a great blessing to someone else.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Conversation

It's almost four o'clock on a Sunday afternoon at our house. I'll let you in on our little conversation.

Ava: (from the bathroom) Mommy, I need help.

Mom: Ummm. that's Daddy's department. I spent the last 8 years wiping butts--it's your turn for the next 8 years.

Dad: (rolls his eyes--helps Ava-back in the kitchen a minute later) Honey, you should see that thing it's huge--like this long (motioning with hands)

Mom: Do you want me to throw up?

Dad: I'm serious, you should......

Mom: You really want me to throw up don't you? I really don't want to hear the details. 

Ethan: (from the bathroom) Andrew, you gotta see this.

Andrew: (runs to the bathroom) Oh man, that's huge...and it's multicolored.....

Mom: Oh my gosh, someone just flush it down. 

Andrew: I'm not doing it.

Dad: Ethan, I'll give you five beans if you flush it. 

Ethan: Okay. (toilet flushing)

Ava:(running to the kitchen) Mommy the toilet water is full.

Mom: Byron go fix the toilet, it didn't go down. 

Dad: ( in bathroom with the plunger) Ethan, you lose six beans for clogging the toilet.

Ethan: (in protest) I didn't do it. Ava did. That's not fair.

Dad: Alright I guess it's not your fault. (finishes plunging the toilet)

Ethan: Can I still have my beans even thought the toilet is clogged?

And you clicked on this post believing you were going to hear some spiritual conversation about what our kids learned in primary. You should have known better. Our family has much more...hmmm.. hmmmm...pressing matters to talk about!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


You're invited.

Please join us for the
Baptism of:
Andrew Byron Peacock

Saturday, September 3, 2011 10:00am
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Winder, GA

A Barbeque and Party will follow at 12:00pm at the Peacock home.
Please RSVP by Thursday September 1st.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Our little Ava is three today. Man, they grow up fast don't they? I hate to think that in two short years, she will be in Kindergarten. She has had a wonderful year this past year. She has grown well and been quite healthy and for that we are most grateful. She has spent the summer covered in bumps and bruises as she tries to keep up with her brothers, but I guess that is what little sisters do!

We celebrated the big day with Hello Kitty cake.

And Girly barbie stuff...

And pillow pets...

and a bike she's not big enough to ride, but has been begging for all summer!

Happy Birthday to our little Princess Ava! We love you are are so grateful to have you in our family.

Deep Thoughts...

"God has a great sense of humor....and I'm the butt of all his jokes!"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Day

And they're off--to another first day of school. And I'm proud to report that no actual tears fell from my eyes this morning. (I kept them all within the confines of my eyelids) Ava however realized what was happening after we dropped both boys off and left their classrooms. She began to whine that she didn't want to go home and was crying by the time we reached the car. It's tough to be the youngest.

Andrew on his first day of Third Grade.
(this picture just about kills me- he looks so studious...and old!)
Ethan on his first day of Kindergarten.
(Ethan was more than happy to leave me behind as usual. He told me this morning he was excited to see his teacher Miss Cook!)

The boys with their sad little sister.

Now our house is sad and lonely and Ava is eagerly awaiting the end of the school day....and I'm eagerly awaiting Christmas vacation already!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Pep Talk

My "self-help" pep talk began today.... "I will not cry when I take the boys to school on Thursday. I will not cry when I take the boys to school on Thursday. I will not cry when I take the boys to school on Thursday."

Awe hell, I teared up in the parking lot today on the way to the open house. Take that, and add in an entire hallway of Kindergarten Moms on Thursday and I'll be a blubbering idiot as usual. No pep talk can compete with that.

At least they'll know they're loved right?

And in case you're wondering, we're still a month away from Andrew's baptism and that pep talk started a few weeks ago. I figure I'll be okay as long as I think about him getting baptized several times between now and then and cry about it beforehand....and as long as we don't sing the Baptism song, and I don't look at Andrew the entire time, and no one gets sentimental, and Byron doesn't dunk him----I've got it covered.