Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who Does That??

Yesterday, I bought some turkey lunchmeat at Costco. (I know, you can't believe I'm writing about lunchmeat. I really am going somewhere with this.) It was a more expensive brand of "all natural" "lower sodium" "gourmet" turkey. So I bought it, brought it home, and made Ava a turkey sandwich for dinner-- cause she loves her a good turkey sandwich!

So the kids are finishing up with dinner and Ava starts to cry, "Mommy, my mouth hurts!" I was not surprised by this as I have had a sore throat for a week, and Andrew and Ethan have been complaining of it off and on-- I figure we're doing our usual battle with trying to fight off sickness before it takes over. I brush it off and tell her that I'll get her a drink and it will feel better, but she keeps crying and seems genuinely irritated. I get her a drink and notice she is grabbing her lips- which she always does when they are swelling. I move her hands and sure enough--both lips are swelling. I begin looking around at what she could have touched or gotten into and didn't find anything.

Frustrated, knowing the only thing she had eaten so far was a turkey sandwich, I reach in the fridge for the turkey to read the ingredient list--and there it was....Powdered milk TURKEY??? Who does that? Have you ever seen powdered milk in turkey? Yes, I realize it is my fault for not reading the label, but do you know how many labels for meat I have read and have NEVER seen any ingredient like that before? Why would you put powdered milk in turkey and then call it "all natural?" Since when is milk a natural ingredient in turkey?

Long story short, I picked her up a comforted her for a couple minutes and prayed it would jut disappear. Unfortunately, it did not-- a minute later, the inside of her mouth was completely swollen and she was wheezing so we had to get out the trusty epi-pen and break my nearly 1 1/2 year streak of not using one.  (it expires in November and I was really looking forward to replacing one because it had expired instead of having to be used.)

So a big shout out to Dietz and Watson for your terribly overpriced "gourmet" turkey breast. I really enjoyed paying $100 for the 1 piece I used! (And Ava sincerely thanks you for being held down like an unruly prisoner by her big brother while her mother stabbed her-great fun!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What about my needs?....

I saw this picture on Pinterest this morning and I had to stop and think for a minute. My reaction to this was twofold--
1) How true
2) How sad
Is this how most mothers really feel about their role? And I realized, sadly--it is. 

The scene of the nightly dinner table came into my head. 
I make the dinner, put it on the table, dish up kids' plates, cut up food, get out the condiments they are begging for, realize I forgot something to drink, go to the fridge to find there is nothing there and no one wants to settle for I run to the storage room to get some juice, come back upstairs, get out glasses and fill them up for everyone, replenish condiments that have already been used up in the first two bites, get a new fork for the kid who dropped theirs on the floor, grab some napkins to put a stop the the "shirt napkin", grab my plate and begin to dish up my own dinner, only to have someone's juice spill all over my plate and the rest of the table, clean up the mess the best I can- leaving the major cleaning for after dinner, pour some more juice for the distraught child....FINALLY-- dish up my own dinner and sit down---and and that moment my husband stands up, picks up his dishes, delcares, "Thanks for dinner Honey"-- and puts his plate in the sink...And I eat dinner by myself with some dirty dishes--as kids scramble off to play.
(Insert Quote Here)
Then I realize in my self pity, I have missed the point entirely. I signed up for this. I got married young, had kids young, and agreed to take on the sacred responsibilities of wife and mother. And here I am, belittling the opportunity I have been given Then.... I realize, it's all a matter of perspective.

Take the same dinner scene--with a new perspective.

I had the opportunity to be home to make dinner for my family--because my husband works hard to make it a priority for me to be there. I have three beautiful children who depend on me to take care of them, and they know I will always be there no matter how trivial the request. I dish up food, and clean up messes, and put off my own selfish desires to serve the people I love. I receive gratitude for my efforts and then I am  left to enjoy my dinner in relative peace and quiet. 

It IS all a matter of perspective....and while I'm certain I will still have way too many moments of selfish "what about my needs?" moments, I think I'll pin this picture to help remind me of what I should be thinking instead.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The last two months... in a few words and pics

Many of these occasions deserved their own posts with some fluffy emotional words from their mother, but since I've been MIA for the last two months and don't yet have the energy to spout inspirational monologues, a pictorial overview will have to do. 

Ethan's third day of Kindergarten.
Yes, this is a bite mark from a 5 year old's mouth that was a minimum of 3 hours old when I saw it. The day before, he was sent home on the school bus when he was suppose to be a car rider--rough start to the year and a couple heated discussions with the principle.

Ava's first taco!
Yes, I know, it's not really note worthy when a 3 year old eats a taco, but this is Ava--it was exciting for us! (thank you whoever invented rice taco shells--they rock!)

Andrew turns 8.....and gets the worst birthday cake known to man (a carrot, carrot cake made with jelly beans at his request--I struggled and just couldn't finish putting all those jelly beans on the cake) and some takeout chinese. Poor kid--we tried to make it up to him a couple weeks later.

Andrew gets baptized.
Andrew and Dad (don't look too excited guys!)

Grandma and Grandpa Peacock came and saved Colonel Mustard and I from having to give the talks! And I guess I'm proud to announce that I didn't cry at the actual baptism. I had been so emotionally traumatized the week prior that I was pretty well spent by Saturday.

 The After Party!
 It was 96 degrees that day and the kids absolutely loved this jumpy house/waterslide. Worth every penny (especially after he gracefully endured a less than stellar Birthday) My mother in law got this great shot of the kids before the crowd showed up.

Ethan's field trip to Jaemor Farms.
Aren't five year old's so cute??!!
And sad day, he's about to lose a tooth--I don't think it's going to hold on until his Birthday :-(

Andrew started cub scouts!
In case you didn't know- I'm not a big fan of scouts--one more thing to do and keep track of. But after going to the first pack meeting, I could see all this silliness is perfect for an 8 year old boy and I'll shut my mouth and endure!

Ava's first day of Preschool
She started late cause she was on the waiting list, but she is absolutely loving it. She goes 2 days a week and gets so excited when she gets to go!

Ava after her first day of Preschool (go figure!)

I'll try to do a little better job of keeping up from now on--and since I did 2 loads of laundry, put away the dishes and cleaned 3 bathrooms today (yeah me!), I'm pretty confident I can write at least once in a while!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Need to catch up

Tonight I did my own dishes-- for the first time in at least 5 weeks. While I would never claim to love doing dishes, it felt like a wonderful milestone to do them myself instead of hearing the clank of dishes from the couch. Thank you drugs! (and my wonderful Mother and Mother-in-law who have done them for so long)

Sorry for the lack of updates-- hopefully soon I will download a couple pictures and at least cover Andrew's big day.