Thursday, October 13, 2011

The last two months... in a few words and pics

Many of these occasions deserved their own posts with some fluffy emotional words from their mother, but since I've been MIA for the last two months and don't yet have the energy to spout inspirational monologues, a pictorial overview will have to do. 

Ethan's third day of Kindergarten.
Yes, this is a bite mark from a 5 year old's mouth that was a minimum of 3 hours old when I saw it. The day before, he was sent home on the school bus when he was suppose to be a car rider--rough start to the year and a couple heated discussions with the principle.

Ava's first taco!
Yes, I know, it's not really note worthy when a 3 year old eats a taco, but this is Ava--it was exciting for us! (thank you whoever invented rice taco shells--they rock!)

Andrew turns 8.....and gets the worst birthday cake known to man (a carrot, carrot cake made with jelly beans at his request--I struggled and just couldn't finish putting all those jelly beans on the cake) and some takeout chinese. Poor kid--we tried to make it up to him a couple weeks later.

Andrew gets baptized.
Andrew and Dad (don't look too excited guys!)

Grandma and Grandpa Peacock came and saved Colonel Mustard and I from having to give the talks! And I guess I'm proud to announce that I didn't cry at the actual baptism. I had been so emotionally traumatized the week prior that I was pretty well spent by Saturday.

 The After Party!
 It was 96 degrees that day and the kids absolutely loved this jumpy house/waterslide. Worth every penny (especially after he gracefully endured a less than stellar Birthday) My mother in law got this great shot of the kids before the crowd showed up.

Ethan's field trip to Jaemor Farms.
Aren't five year old's so cute??!!
And sad day, he's about to lose a tooth--I don't think it's going to hold on until his Birthday :-(

Andrew started cub scouts!
In case you didn't know- I'm not a big fan of scouts--one more thing to do and keep track of. But after going to the first pack meeting, I could see all this silliness is perfect for an 8 year old boy and I'll shut my mouth and endure!

Ava's first day of Preschool
She started late cause she was on the waiting list, but she is absolutely loving it. She goes 2 days a week and gets so excited when she gets to go!

Ava after her first day of Preschool (go figure!)

I'll try to do a little better job of keeping up from now on--and since I did 2 loads of laundry, put away the dishes and cleaned 3 bathrooms today (yeah me!), I'm pretty confident I can write at least once in a while!

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Tiar Hatley said...

Your kids are so cute. They grow up so fast.