Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yoga for babies

Apparently it's really relaxing....

And refreshing...

and no doubt relieves stress....

and tension....

and seemingly requires very little effort.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project #3,569

Ok---Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but really, we get bored easily. This project was actually done about a month ago, but I've been too lazy to mess with the camera until this week.

My Mom came to visit and we had to put her green thumb to use. We sent her home sick and I spent the next two weeks recovering from attempting to be He-man when Byron was at the office. Lovely. Anyway, it's almost done ( eventually we'll get to finishing the lining and mulching between the beds), but for now it will have to do.

My garden before-- well half cleaned out. Please don't judge what terrible shape I left it in last year. I was very sick and could have really cared less about my garden. Okay... I'm lying a little. I always leave it this way at the end of the season (lazy again).

And here it is as of Friday. Thanks Mom for your letting us borrow your appendage (i.e. green thumb)--and of course for all your help. And sorry for the bad words when I was having a disagreement with the wheelbarrow ;-)

Grandma with the kids- not the most cooperative, but my Mom was a saint for enduring my 500 attempts.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Day

You know when you watch a movie and they freeze frame and rewind to an earlier time in the story? I have this dream that someday I can rewind and relive moments in my life. Not a memory, but rather an actual transformation back to that time, and the person I was then.
I’m a romantic, an optimist at heart, and nothing short of overly sentimental- a trait I inherited from my father. (and much to my husband's chagrin) I spend a lot of time thinking and idealizing the events of my life so as to capture a memory that I might recall on a darker, sunless day. Most of these memories are bittersweet, filled with anticipation for the future and a wistful longing for the past.
This day holds one such memory for me. It is a silly little memory by most standards, but nonetheless, a profound effect on my heart. Today is the last day of school. While most are rushing their kids out the door , ready for a break from the rigorous schedule, or dreading the summer vacation with everyone home, I paused. This is a picture I want to keep forever--for after today, Andrew will never be a Kindergartner again. He will not change much between today and tomorrow, but the days go so quickly, and he grows faster than I can keep track.
He was once a small helpless baby in my arms, and I could have never imagined this day five and a half years ago--just as I can’t now imagine his impending graduation from High School in just 12 short years. But that day will come, all too soon, and my arms will be left empty, reaching for some one who needs me less and less everyday.
I love to watch him grow and develop into the person he is becoming. I relish his excitement as he grows taller by the day. I am excited to have him home for a couple months, lose a few teeth, and prepare to have a numeral attached to his grade title. I would, however, be untruthful if I said I wasn't disappointed that it went by so fast. In just a few short blinks it was over. We have been initiated into grade school and our home will be forever changed by it's presence in our lives for the next who knows how many years.
On his way out the door this morning, I had to be one of those obnoxious moms snapping pictures of his last day. This memory, I will keep in my vault as one to relive- my five year old rushing out the door to school blowing kisses to his Mommy on the doorstep. Maybe next year he'll be to big to share-- so I'll hang onto this one.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Need a nickname

I've never had a nickname (Krissy as a kid doesn't count). Byron has been called Byroni (like macaroni--I guess?) Strange. Never stuck with me. Andrew is far too proper for a nickname. Byron wanted to call him Andy, I wanted to call him Drew. He won't stand for either name, though on occasion he gets called Waandrew or Cletus (check out his front tooth he almost knocked out.) Ethan has never been called Ethan. It's always Ef, Effers, Efie (no wonder he can't say "th").
Anyway, the point of my babble is that Ava needs a nickname. I may change my mind tomorrow, but today she needs one. I do call her Avs, Avie--stuff like that. Byron mostly call her "baby girl" (real original huh?!) So I'm here soliciting ideas.

I may not like your idea-- in fact I probably won't. But why would that stop you from giving your two cents? Give it a shot. You never know--you might impress me!

Some names in the running already. Punk-ette. (I'm always calling the boys little punks, so this just evolved- I don't really like it.) Wheezy (I'm fond of this one--a tribute to her last couple of months in which she must be toking some serious steroids to keep from being just that.) Shrimpboat (caught on today after her 5th doctors appointment this month revealed that not only would she have to eat a half a cow to scratch the bottom of the weight charts, but she is barely hanging onto the height charts too- 5%tile.)

So there yo have it. Look at this little face and take a stab at it! (Note: Dave is not an appropriate nickname.)

Friday, May 1, 2009


As I poured the cake batter into the muffin tins, a curious little face questioned me.

"Mom is it my birthday?"

"No Ethan, your birthday is in November."

"Is it in Yes-vember too?"

Well if it's not--it should be!