Thursday, May 7, 2009

Need a nickname

I've never had a nickname (Krissy as a kid doesn't count). Byron has been called Byroni (like macaroni--I guess?) Strange. Never stuck with me. Andrew is far too proper for a nickname. Byron wanted to call him Andy, I wanted to call him Drew. He won't stand for either name, though on occasion he gets called Waandrew or Cletus (check out his front tooth he almost knocked out.) Ethan has never been called Ethan. It's always Ef, Effers, Efie (no wonder he can't say "th").
Anyway, the point of my babble is that Ava needs a nickname. I may change my mind tomorrow, but today she needs one. I do call her Avs, Avie--stuff like that. Byron mostly call her "baby girl" (real original huh?!) So I'm here soliciting ideas.

I may not like your idea-- in fact I probably won't. But why would that stop you from giving your two cents? Give it a shot. You never know--you might impress me!

Some names in the running already. Punk-ette. (I'm always calling the boys little punks, so this just evolved- I don't really like it.) Wheezy (I'm fond of this one--a tribute to her last couple of months in which she must be toking some serious steroids to keep from being just that.) Shrimpboat (caught on today after her 5th doctors appointment this month revealed that not only would she have to eat a half a cow to scratch the bottom of the weight charts, but she is barely hanging onto the height charts too- 5%tile.)

So there yo have it. Look at this little face and take a stab at it! (Note: Dave is not an appropriate nickname.)


Jaime said...

I'm not one for nicknames really. So, good luck, sorry I can offer nothing up except cutie pie, b/c she is so cute. And who took those pics of her, I love it! Where do you get your family photos done, too?

Bobbi said...

She is so cute--I love the polka dot dress! I say you should call her something you bake--she looks sweet enough-- Like apple dumplin'(you are in the south), sugar doodle, sweet pea (not a baked item, but it still works), chocolate creme puff (this might be a mouthful), shortcake, baby 'licious. There is my list--my kids are always called different nicknames from whatever I am calling them that day, and usually it is some made up thing! Do I win something if you choose one of my ideas?!?!

AMiller said...

I don't think nicknames count if you have to think of one - they should come naturally. I do like sweet pea, though - it fits how she looks. I called Matthew "the boy" until Marcus was born, Cate won't let me call her anything, Claire is "baby girl" and Marcus is "baby boy". I am the most original nicknamer there is.

Kristin said...

I do like sweet pea and cutie pie, but those are pet names-- I call all my kids that. In fact, now that I think about it, I only call my kids by their real name in public or when they are in trouble. They usually get called-- (among others) monkey bug, wing nut, sweet pea, love bug, freak show, silly goose, baby bug--I must like bug--etc., etc.
And yes Amber, that is why I don't think I'll like any of the nicknames, but it's fun anyway! And do you have a dog named "Dog" too?

Bobbi you're definitely in the running with Shortcake--I like it!

Jaime- I'm cheap and their pictures are done at Penney's. I've never been impressed with the group pictures, but they have gotten some great ones of my kids so I can't complain.