Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Year Old Stats

For my records. The girls had their two year check up today. Healthy by all accounts! Their stats:

29 in. tall  (far below 5th%)
18 lbs. even (far below 5th%)
17 1/4 in. Head circumference. (5%)

28 in. tall (far below 5th%)
17 lbs. even (far below 5th%)
18 in. Head circumference. (45% - girl has a noggin!!)

They have grown really well this past year! For those of you that see them all the time you're used to them. For those that don't--I looked it up. At age two they are about the size of an average 9-12 month old. And for the record--runt Ava was 31 in. tall and 19 lbs. at age 2. (I just looked her up and she is now currently in the 10th% for height and the 5th% for weight--so she is catching up every year) What can I say-- I think the twins will catch up in time too.

Friday, March 28, 2014


The Twins are two today! No more babies in this house. (even if they still look a lot like babies ;-) And if there was any question if they are really two or not...they are both beside me throwing two year old fits! (No questions here)
They are both doing so well this year-- growing and progressing greatly. They are still a little behind on most skills, but we don't worry--they grow how they grow and be who they be! We still can't pinpoint their personalities since they often change places from day to day or hour to hour. One day I'll think Ali is the outgoing one and the next day it's Kat. No matter though, we love them both either way. (Though to be honest we would prefer that they spend a little less time crying and fighting and a little more time playing independently. Hopefully that will come with time.) They keep us on our toes--that's for sure!
On to the festivities!

Their birthday cakes!  

Colonel Mustard questioned whether I really needed two cakes. I decided I'd better get used to it--they are                                                       not gonna be happy sharing forever.

Opening presents. They really enjoyed the present opening this year.

 I hope they like the quiet books that Mom spent way too much time on. And I hope they keep them more quiet in church!

Happy Birthday sweet girls. We love you so much and are so grateful for the fun and chaos you both bring to our lives!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dad's Most Famous Lectures

The other night I was looking for some paperwork and I stumbled across a great find. When I was 14 years old I decided to compile a list of my Dad's most famous lectures. Partly as a joke, and partly so he could just give us a number and we wouldn't have to hear a lecture over again for the 576th time. Upon finding it, I brought it upstairs and Colonel Mustard and I got a good laugh from it since we hadn't seen it in so many years.

I then realized just how long it's been since I'd had the pleasure of hearing any of those lectures firsthand. Colonel Mustard has never met my father. (Probably a good thing or we certainly wouldn't be married.  If he were alive, I'd probably still be living in his house as a secret cat lady--no boys allowed!) This month it has been 18 years since my father died. And after thinking for a moment-- I realized that I have now lived more of my life without my father than I did with him. ( I had just turned 16 a month before he died) Kind of a profound thought. Not a sad one really--just a moment to reflect on how that event has so shaped my life and to a Great deal--influenced who I am.

The following list is presented just how I had written it when I was 14 years old. I have changed nothing and omitted nothing. Please know that my father was a good man. I love him dearly--however he, like the rest of us, had his rough edges and his faults. If you are easily offended please STOP reading now. If you had the pleasure of knowing my father--I'm certain you have heard at least a few of these and will enjoy a good laugh in hearing them once more.

Without further ado--THE List!

Dad’s Most Famous Lectures

1    1.      Remember who you are.
2    2.      It’s your damn friends; that’s your problem.
3    3.      What are you eating? Butter or Bread?
4    4.      Clean up that pig pen.
5    5.      Act like a white woman.
6    6.      What? Were you raised in a barn?
7    7.      What took you so damn long?
8    8.      Get that food out of the living room.
9    9.      Leave the damn doors shut.
1    10.  Where did you get that lead foot?
1    11.  I’ll take that damn car away.
1    12.  No marriage until you’re 26 and I approve.
1    13.  Stop your damn picking.
1    14.  What are you? A dog?
1    15.  Get the hell home. I don’t care if it’s done.
1    16.  Do as I say. Not as I do.
1    17.  I am always right.
1    18.  Get off your butt and do something.
1    19.  Get the hell to bed.
2    20.  Don’t say I never did anything for you.
2    21.  You think that’s funny or something?
2    22.  Do I have to do everything around here?
2    23.  It’s not clean enough.
2    24.  Get some damn clothes on.
2    25.  Forget that damn homework. It will keep.
2    26.  Tie your shoes. You look like a slob.
2    27.  I don’t want no damn leftovers.
2    28.  Tell your teacher to go to hell.
2    29.  Go get your damn money back.
3    30.  School sports are a pain in my butt.
3    31.  What the hell do you got to have that for?
3    32.  I ain’t got no money.
3    33.  What’s your sorry excuse this time?
3    34.  When I was a boy….
3    35.  You sound like a dime store phonograph.
3    36.  Where’d you get a dumb idea like that.
3    37.  You’re not going to do that again -- So plan on it.
3    38.  Where the hell have you been?
3    39.  This place looks like a damn junkyard.
4    40.  That damn Mickey Mouse contraption.
4    41.  Damn modern America.
4    42.  Turn that damn show off.
4    43.  Do we have to live off Taco Bell?
4    44.  Where’s your mother?
4    45.  What the hell’s the matter with you? It’s 50 degrees out here.
4    46.  All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten.
4    47.  That damn pool is a curse.
4    48.  I don’t want to go on no damn vacation.
4    49.  Why the hell do you have to know that?
5    50.  No hard feelings. Have a nice day.