Friday, March 28, 2014


The Twins are two today! No more babies in this house. (even if they still look a lot like babies ;-) And if there was any question if they are really two or not...they are both beside me throwing two year old fits! (No questions here)
They are both doing so well this year-- growing and progressing greatly. They are still a little behind on most skills, but we don't worry--they grow how they grow and be who they be! We still can't pinpoint their personalities since they often change places from day to day or hour to hour. One day I'll think Ali is the outgoing one and the next day it's Kat. No matter though, we love them both either way. (Though to be honest we would prefer that they spend a little less time crying and fighting and a little more time playing independently. Hopefully that will come with time.) They keep us on our toes--that's for sure!
On to the festivities!

Their birthday cakes!  

Colonel Mustard questioned whether I really needed two cakes. I decided I'd better get used to it--they are                                                       not gonna be happy sharing forever.

Opening presents. They really enjoyed the present opening this year.

 I hope they like the quiet books that Mom spent way too much time on. And I hope they keep them more quiet in church!

Happy Birthday sweet girls. We love you so much and are so grateful for the fun and chaos you both bring to our lives!

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