Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I see this every morning when I walk past my house. Today I decided I needed to take a picture--because someday...there won't be any footsteps on my lawn from little ones running to the bus. And no one would want to forget that. Especially not me.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Double Digits. I can hardly believe it. Ten years ago when I first held that little baby boy I remember being overcome with a feeling of love I had never felt before. I think I stayed up most of the night just looking at him--in fact I thinking I spent the first 6 months up all night just looking at him. I wonder how I would have felt then if I could look back on it today--after 10 years with him?

A few of thoughts as we reach the first Decade mark of Andrew's life.

1) I sometimes really wish he was still that little cuddly baby boy I once had.
2) I never dreamed that he would only be 6 inches shorter than me and wear the same size shoes.
3) 10 is a lot more mature than I ever thought it would be. ( He can be really fun to have a conversation with.)
4) sometimes 10 is a lot younger than I thought it would be! ( He sometimes let's me tuck him into bed-- and when he's sick or sad--he still needs me--kind-of)
5) Wow-- How did this happen?

Pics of his special day.
Opening his presents.

His Minion Birthday cake.

Blowing out the candles that wouldn't blow out!

Happy Birthday double digits! We love you and are so grateful you chose to be our firstborn! We couldn't be more blessed.

Friday, August 16, 2013

They fit...kind of

When were were expecting the girls I did a lot of reading and shopping around for cribs. We didn't have one anymore and I really didn't have the room or money to buy two new cribs. As I researched, I came across these mini-cribs. Apparently they are very popular in Europe due to space constraints. I read tons of reviews and the biggest complaint was they were too small and some big kids outgrew them by 6 or 8 months. Well judging by Ava, I figured we wouldn't have a "too big" concern so we decided to get them.

Fast forward 16+ months...still together in ONE mini crib. 

Me thinks I'm going to have to separate them soon-- but mostly because Tater Tot (aka Katlyn) keeps stealing Ruby's (aka Allison) binky and makes her cry!

And on another happy note--Look who took her first steps!!! 
Hoping this will mean we can have her walking by 18 months! Guess we'll see.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reason #43 I wish I had the time stamina to homeschool.

Cupcakes at school today and Ava got to sit and eat something out of her snack bag. She didn't seem too upset so why am I? No phone call (even though I let the teacher know I was five minutes away and always have some for her), no note, no e-mail. Is it silly that I'm upset? I try so hard to make her feel normal and not left out, but apparently I'm the only one who cares that she doesn't feel that way. Maybe I should be one of those Mom's that demands that her allergens not even be allowed in the classroom. Wonder how everyone would like that??!! Okay, vent over. It's not that big of a deal. Helicopter Mom will shut-up now and realize that's just life.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Ava turned five on Thursday and we spent the last three days celebrating in bits and pieces cause it's been crazy 'round here. I can't believe she is five and just started Kindergarten. I can remember her toddling around the house like it was yesterday.  She has had a great year and is getting so tall! She just got some new room mates and sometimes she is excited and sometimes she's not. She's a fiesty little southern belle--"yes ma'am, now give me what I want! " She drives her brothers crazy but they secretly love her princess ways! (Shhhh... don't tell them I said that!) She is so eager to help and keeps her room quite tidy for a five year old. And mom can't make it through a day without that precious smile of hers.

Opening presents.

She picked a Lalaloopsy cake this year.

Make a wish!

Happy Birthday Ava! We love you sweet princess!

Friday, August 9, 2013

First Day

And it begins again......
First Day of Kindergarten!  I didn't cry!!! (because she was crying and her teachers were grilling me again before I could leave. Where did the last 5 years go?? I'll catch up her Birthday yesterday--tomorrow!)

First Day of Second Grade! (He told me on the way in the school he had memorized where his class was so he needed me to walk him just this once!)

Last first day of Elementary School Aka: First Day of Fifth Grade!  I think he knew that I would never drop him off for his last first day of Elementary school without crying so he woke up and puked! No really he has been extraordinarily sick today (vomiting over 20 times) and landed in the doctor's office-- and tonight is desperately trying to avoid a trip to the hospital to be rehydrated--let's hope he turns it around quickly and spends his last second day of elementary school in class----and I'll cry just to make sure he doesn't miss out on the fun!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deep Ava

"Dude, I got problems. I keep farting and burping, and now I have the hiccups!"

Such a little lady isn't she?!!