Saturday, August 10, 2013


Ava turned five on Thursday and we spent the last three days celebrating in bits and pieces cause it's been crazy 'round here. I can't believe she is five and just started Kindergarten. I can remember her toddling around the house like it was yesterday.  She has had a great year and is getting so tall! She just got some new room mates and sometimes she is excited and sometimes she's not. She's a fiesty little southern belle--"yes ma'am, now give me what I want! " She drives her brothers crazy but they secretly love her princess ways! (Shhhh... don't tell them I said that!) She is so eager to help and keeps her room quite tidy for a five year old. And mom can't make it through a day without that precious smile of hers.

Opening presents.

She picked a Lalaloopsy cake this year.

Make a wish!

Happy Birthday Ava! We love you sweet princess!

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