Friday, August 16, 2013

They fit...kind of

When were were expecting the girls I did a lot of reading and shopping around for cribs. We didn't have one anymore and I really didn't have the room or money to buy two new cribs. As I researched, I came across these mini-cribs. Apparently they are very popular in Europe due to space constraints. I read tons of reviews and the biggest complaint was they were too small and some big kids outgrew them by 6 or 8 months. Well judging by Ava, I figured we wouldn't have a "too big" concern so we decided to get them.

Fast forward 16+ months...still together in ONE mini crib. 

Me thinks I'm going to have to separate them soon-- but mostly because Tater Tot (aka Katlyn) keeps stealing Ruby's (aka Allison) binky and makes her cry!

And on another happy note--Look who took her first steps!!! 
Hoping this will mean we can have her walking by 18 months! Guess we'll see.

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