Sunday, August 18, 2013


Double Digits. I can hardly believe it. Ten years ago when I first held that little baby boy I remember being overcome with a feeling of love I had never felt before. I think I stayed up most of the night just looking at him--in fact I thinking I spent the first 6 months up all night just looking at him. I wonder how I would have felt then if I could look back on it today--after 10 years with him?

A few of thoughts as we reach the first Decade mark of Andrew's life.

1) I sometimes really wish he was still that little cuddly baby boy I once had.
2) I never dreamed that he would only be 6 inches shorter than me and wear the same size shoes.
3) 10 is a lot more mature than I ever thought it would be. ( He can be really fun to have a conversation with.)
4) sometimes 10 is a lot younger than I thought it would be! ( He sometimes let's me tuck him into bed-- and when he's sick or sad--he still needs me--kind-of)
5) Wow-- How did this happen?

Pics of his special day.
Opening his presents.

His Minion Birthday cake.

Blowing out the candles that wouldn't blow out!

Happy Birthday double digits! We love you and are so grateful you chose to be our firstborn! We couldn't be more blessed.

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