Monday, November 29, 2010

Colonel Mustard's Fun Time

We spent Thanksgiving in Kentucky with my brother and his family. The night before I was baking up a storm. While in the midst of 3 dozen cinnamon rolls, my niece parked a huge plastic roach on the dough and snuck out of the room. I'm terrified of roaches-If I go to bed without the dishes done I dream of roaches crawling in my sink. So naturally, I was freaked out and I might have squealed a little. She thought she was pretty funny.

When she returned to the kitchen I asked if my husband had put her up to that little trick.

"Yeah, he did."

"I bet he thinks he's pretty funny doesn't he?"

"No, actually he's playing with naked barbies!"

( Well at least I feel better that I can get back at him for the roach by posting his Thanksgiving activities. But....I would like to sleep in my bed tonight, so I'll be nice enough to clarify that on inspection he was helping Ava find clothes for the barbies!)

Oh...and I forgot Thanksgiving....I'm thankful...for lots and lots of stuff...I'll try to mention them in the future, but Thanksgiving is over now and I only want to talk about Christmas...and naked barbies.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 years

I wish I had a scanner so I could put up a picture of 10 years ago today. Of course, then everyone would just say, "How did they get so old?" I am really having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. Has it really been that long?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was late to my own wedding because my brother forgot to pick me up at the salon. As we sped down the freeway I was frantic that Byron would think I had "left him at the alter." When we finally arrived, Byron (aka Colonel Mustard) was quietly sitting on the couch, and much to my relief he expressed that he wasn't worried at all--he knew I would be there. And not to disappoint him-- I've been late everywhere since!

I won't share the details of our wedding night (no one wants to hear that!) but I will say it involved a nice hotel, a hot tub, and swimming suits! Funny looking back 10 years later at how young and shy we were--and for that I am most grateful. It was the perfect foundation.

Today I can't imagine who I would be without him. He is my best friend, my confidant, my reality check, and the half that makes me whole. He is the single most important and best decision I have ever made, or will make in my life. I could never truly show my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the blessing he has given me.

Thank you Colonel Mustard,  for the 10 best years of my life and three beautiful children. I love you. Here's looking forward to our 20th anniversary--and jokes about your gray, receeding hairline and our teenage kids we need to slap around!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday was the big 0-5 for Ethan!(he's so old) Five years ago, he was born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta and I never dreamed we'd celebrate his 5th birthday here--but we did! I do hope that 5 brings a little more cooperative Ethan to our house. He's been a little off his rocker the past month or so. I keep telling him to tell that bad Ethan to go away and bring back nice Ethan. He says he can't find nice Ethan. We'll hope "one year older and wiser too," can help us find nice Ethan again--soon!

He really is such a fun kid. His personality is so different from anyone else in the family...and he has a great accent of unknown origins that entertains us a lot. He's really gotten a handle on reading and writing this year and sometimes even tries to write his own notes to people--that's funny too! He truly loves others and is always worried about how someone else is feeling. Even in picking birthday treats to take to school, Ethan was only worried that the little boy who "cries a lot and gets sad notes home," would like what he brought and be happy. (insert audience "Ahwwwwwwww")

Now for some birthday pictures.

Birthday Balloons (always in their room when they wake up on their Birthday)

 Ethan's Pirate Ship cake- I'm a really terrible photographer.

 Lighting the "cannons"
Opening the presents.
Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you, and we are so happy to have Nice Ethan in our family!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Corn and expensive jewelery

Random combination I know, but our day started with the former and ended with the latter. Ava's scope last week was clean! Yeah!!! So, for the next couple of months we are trialing corn!

 We left the doctor's office and went and got kettlecorn. Yum! I think we'll have corn on the cob for dinner and grits for breakfast--just because it's so much fun to eat corn. and let's throw in a little corn syrup for the fun of it. Maybe I'll feed it to her straight out of the bottle...just beacause I can! (Let's hope it doesn't backfire on me).

In 2-3 months she'll be scoped again and if it's clean--we get to keep corn! Corn,corn, corn!! I never knew I could get so excited about corn! I just want to say corn!

Well...that was annoying wasn't it?

 So on to my non-frugal spending this week. I spent $40 on a bracelet for a 2 year old. Yeah, we know how to spoil 'em don't we. Too bad it comes with a pretty red cross and is not particularly stylish. Ava's doctor was harping on me again today, so I decided I had to get it ordered. But for real--$40??  Merry Christmas Ava--Santa got you this shiny silver plaque bracelet. And by the way, you have to wear it even if you don't want to. And sorry about the doll--your stylin' new bracelet used up the budget- it'll have to wait 'til next year.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deep Thoughts...from the almost Five year old

"Mommy, someday when I grow up I wanted to be someone who wins a trophy, but now I think when I grow up, I want to be a missionary!"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deep Thoughts....

Ink a Bink? Hmmmm....... Should I vote for this idiot or that idoit? Which idiot will take less of my money and misappropriate it for the bureaucratic nightmare we call government? I love election day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Vikings

I've been remiss in in keeping up on my blog, but it's not really my fault. My computer crashed--piece of junk. I'm borrowing an even bigger piece of junk from work until I can get a new one. I finally got tired of not updating my blog and pictures, so I stole Colonel Mustard's laptop and downloaded on it-- I'll ask forgiveness later--he won't be happy.

So getting to the point- the day after. Here are the kids in their Halloween get-ups. I am rather fond of them, but then again, I spent many hours making these costumes, so I am a little attached. (You know, like I'm attached to the kids- funny how that happens when you put a lot of time and energy into things and little people).

The Vikings (and their viking princess)--from the North Country
 Aren't they scary?!! ( and a few more shots to follow cause their Momma thinks they're so cute!)
The Pumpkin carving festivities.
Andrew carved his own pumpkin this year-despite his mishap with the can last week. (sliced his finger in half) Ethan helped too and I was less nervous with a knife in his hand, than in his brother's!

Ava lovin' the pumpkin seeds.
 The Loot.
We had a lot of fun sorting and seeing what candy was most popular this year. Reese's won! We also had some really great neighbors that had a special "treat" for Ava since she can't eat 99% of what they collected.  So fun-- I love Halloween!