Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday was the big 0-5 for Ethan!(he's so old) Five years ago, he was born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta and I never dreamed we'd celebrate his 5th birthday here--but we did! I do hope that 5 brings a little more cooperative Ethan to our house. He's been a little off his rocker the past month or so. I keep telling him to tell that bad Ethan to go away and bring back nice Ethan. He says he can't find nice Ethan. We'll hope "one year older and wiser too," can help us find nice Ethan again--soon!

He really is such a fun kid. His personality is so different from anyone else in the family...and he has a great accent of unknown origins that entertains us a lot. He's really gotten a handle on reading and writing this year and sometimes even tries to write his own notes to people--that's funny too! He truly loves others and is always worried about how someone else is feeling. Even in picking birthday treats to take to school, Ethan was only worried that the little boy who "cries a lot and gets sad notes home," would like what he brought and be happy. (insert audience "Ahwwwwwwww")

Now for some birthday pictures.

Birthday Balloons (always in their room when they wake up on their Birthday)

 Ethan's Pirate Ship cake- I'm a really terrible photographer.

 Lighting the "cannons"
Opening the presents.
Happy Birthday Buddy! We love you, and we are so happy to have Nice Ethan in our family!

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