Monday, November 29, 2010

Colonel Mustard's Fun Time

We spent Thanksgiving in Kentucky with my brother and his family. The night before I was baking up a storm. While in the midst of 3 dozen cinnamon rolls, my niece parked a huge plastic roach on the dough and snuck out of the room. I'm terrified of roaches-If I go to bed without the dishes done I dream of roaches crawling in my sink. So naturally, I was freaked out and I might have squealed a little. She thought she was pretty funny.

When she returned to the kitchen I asked if my husband had put her up to that little trick.

"Yeah, he did."

"I bet he thinks he's pretty funny doesn't he?"

"No, actually he's playing with naked barbies!"

( Well at least I feel better that I can get back at him for the roach by posting his Thanksgiving activities. But....I would like to sleep in my bed tonight, so I'll be nice enough to clarify that on inspection he was helping Ava find clothes for the barbies!)

Oh...and I forgot Thanksgiving....I'm thankful...for lots and lots of stuff...I'll try to mention them in the future, but Thanksgiving is over now and I only want to talk about Christmas...and naked barbies.

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