Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ice Cream

Ava's very first "ice cream cone" thanks to rice sugar cones and non dairy ice cream. 

And these are some pretty awesome big brothers. I think in the end the babies ate almost half their ice cream! The babies started fussing when they saw the ice cream cones and as I was cleaning up I commented that the babies must be fussing for ice cream. That was all it took--the boys were feeding them right away. Funny--I remember my brothers and ice cream cones--but it was the other way around--ain't no way I ever got a lick of their ice cream!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gotta Love Boys

Waiting for the bus this morning.

Boys are so much fun--at least from my perspective This morning I was talking to a friend and she was expressing her love to sleep 12 hours a day--are you kidding me?? I love sleep- enough to survive and function--beyond that it's a waste. I can sleep when I'm dead--let's go play!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break--a week late

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's girl too!

"Serious business"

"The Pitcher"


"Catch This"

"New favorite thing"

"Really Mom"

"Help me out"

"Over Yonder"

"Backyard Playmat"

"Gimme some eggs!"

And...the Monday morning after. Ali fell asleep waiting for her breakfast. School is for chumps--bring on summer vacation!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Our little one year olds!

We celebrated Saturday night with a Birthday party for the little ones. We have no "smash cake" pics to share since they were both very lady-like and only licked the frosting with their finger--and after only an tiny bit they both started to look sick and uncomfortable so we took the cakes away. I didn't really care to clean up birthday cake throw-up! Haha!

A little overwhelmed by the candles and birthday song.

Opening presents.

Alli loved the cards!

Katlyn loved the walker!

Friday was their one year check-up. Alli's stats were especially bad since she was sick for two weeks. They are both considered failure to thrive and slightly developmentally delayed mostly the walking issue)--but ask me if I care anymore?? They are just tiny, but happy and progressing at their own pace. (and they eat like little heifers so--whatever. I can only worry about so much.)

13lbs. 4 oz.
25" tall
Head: 16.75in.

11lbs 10oz.
24" tall
Head 17.25in. 

And with those stats they are both officially smaller than Ava at 1 year. Oh well-- they are cute, sweet and perfect they way they are. Perfect little 1 year olds that is!!