Monday, April 1, 2013

Our little one year olds!

We celebrated Saturday night with a Birthday party for the little ones. We have no "smash cake" pics to share since they were both very lady-like and only licked the frosting with their finger--and after only an tiny bit they both started to look sick and uncomfortable so we took the cakes away. I didn't really care to clean up birthday cake throw-up! Haha!

A little overwhelmed by the candles and birthday song.

Opening presents.

Alli loved the cards!

Katlyn loved the walker!

Friday was their one year check-up. Alli's stats were especially bad since she was sick for two weeks. They are both considered failure to thrive and slightly developmentally delayed mostly the walking issue)--but ask me if I care anymore?? They are just tiny, but happy and progressing at their own pace. (and they eat like little heifers so--whatever. I can only worry about so much.)

13lbs. 4 oz.
25" tall
Head: 16.75in.

11lbs 10oz.
24" tall
Head 17.25in. 

And with those stats they are both officially smaller than Ava at 1 year. Oh well-- they are cute, sweet and perfect they way they are. Perfect little 1 year olds that is!!

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Bobbi said...

Happy Birthday cute little one year olds! I would say they are doing awesome for the year they have had. They are cuties.