Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Year Old Stats

For my records. The girls had their two year check up today. Healthy by all accounts! Their stats:

29 in. tall  (far below 5th%)
18 lbs. even (far below 5th%)
17 1/4 in. Head circumference. (5%)

28 in. tall (far below 5th%)
17 lbs. even (far below 5th%)
18 in. Head circumference. (45% - girl has a noggin!!)

They have grown really well this past year! For those of you that see them all the time you're used to them. For those that don't--I looked it up. At age two they are about the size of an average 9-12 month old. And for the record--runt Ava was 31 in. tall and 19 lbs. at age 2. (I just looked her up and she is now currently in the 10th% for height and the 5th% for weight--so she is catching up every year) What can I say-- I think the twins will catch up in time too.

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