Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who Does That??

Yesterday, I bought some turkey lunchmeat at Costco. (I know, you can't believe I'm writing about lunchmeat. I really am going somewhere with this.) It was a more expensive brand of "all natural" "lower sodium" "gourmet" turkey. So I bought it, brought it home, and made Ava a turkey sandwich for dinner-- cause she loves her a good turkey sandwich!

So the kids are finishing up with dinner and Ava starts to cry, "Mommy, my mouth hurts!" I was not surprised by this as I have had a sore throat for a week, and Andrew and Ethan have been complaining of it off and on-- I figure we're doing our usual battle with trying to fight off sickness before it takes over. I brush it off and tell her that I'll get her a drink and it will feel better, but she keeps crying and seems genuinely irritated. I get her a drink and notice she is grabbing her lips- which she always does when they are swelling. I move her hands and sure enough--both lips are swelling. I begin looking around at what she could have touched or gotten into and didn't find anything.

Frustrated, knowing the only thing she had eaten so far was a turkey sandwich, I reach in the fridge for the turkey to read the ingredient list--and there it was....Powdered milk TURKEY??? Who does that? Have you ever seen powdered milk in turkey? Yes, I realize it is my fault for not reading the label, but do you know how many labels for meat I have read and have NEVER seen any ingredient like that before? Why would you put powdered milk in turkey and then call it "all natural?" Since when is milk a natural ingredient in turkey?

Long story short, I picked her up a comforted her for a couple minutes and prayed it would jut disappear. Unfortunately, it did not-- a minute later, the inside of her mouth was completely swollen and she was wheezing so we had to get out the trusty epi-pen and break my nearly 1 1/2 year streak of not using one.  (it expires in November and I was really looking forward to replacing one because it had expired instead of having to be used.)

So a big shout out to Dietz and Watson for your terribly overpriced "gourmet" turkey breast. I really enjoyed paying $100 for the 1 piece I used! (And Ava sincerely thanks you for being held down like an unruly prisoner by her big brother while her mother stabbed her-great fun!)

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Hulse Family said...

WOW that is terrible. I am so sorry. We have not had to use our epi-pen yet and I hope we never do. It must have been so scary for Ava and you both.