Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Conversation

It's almost four o'clock on a Sunday afternoon at our house. I'll let you in on our little conversation.

Ava: (from the bathroom) Mommy, I need help.

Mom: Ummm. that's Daddy's department. I spent the last 8 years wiping butts--it's your turn for the next 8 years.

Dad: (rolls his eyes--helps Ava-back in the kitchen a minute later) Honey, you should see that thing it's huge--like this long (motioning with hands)

Mom: Do you want me to throw up?

Dad: I'm serious, you should......

Mom: You really want me to throw up don't you? I really don't want to hear the details. 

Ethan: (from the bathroom) Andrew, you gotta see this.

Andrew: (runs to the bathroom) Oh man, that's huge...and it's multicolored.....

Mom: Oh my gosh, someone just flush it down. 

Andrew: I'm not doing it.

Dad: Ethan, I'll give you five beans if you flush it. 

Ethan: Okay. (toilet flushing)

Ava:(running to the kitchen) Mommy the toilet water is full.

Mom: Byron go fix the toilet, it didn't go down. 

Dad: ( in bathroom with the plunger) Ethan, you lose six beans for clogging the toilet.

Ethan: (in protest) I didn't do it. Ava did. That's not fair.

Dad: Alright I guess it's not your fault. (finishes plunging the toilet)

Ethan: Can I still have my beans even thought the toilet is clogged?

And you clicked on this post believing you were going to hear some spiritual conversation about what our kids learned in primary. You should have known better. Our family has much more...hmmm.. hmmmm...pressing matters to talk about!

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Tiar Hatley said...

I always enjoy your posts. It makes my family not seem so weird.