Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What you missed

My mom was a cook. (still is). I loved her food (still do). Unfortunately, with all good things we tend to take them for granted when it's there all the time.

I remember as a child a rare occasion when mom would schlep us off to local grocery store. After gathering everything we intended to she would wander down the frozen foods isle and the conversation would go something like this. "Dad and I have such and such to do, so how about picking out a TV dinner for tonight?" My eyes would light up with delight at the prospect of this new culinary adventure my taste buds would soon be embarking on. "Hmmm... should I pick the chicken nuggets and corn, or the turkey slices with gravy and peas??" We'd take home our blessed boxes, eagerly await the ding of the microwave, and park ourselves in front of the TV. Ahhh, sweet satisfaction--processed chicken parts, soggy french fries, and bland corn. This is the life I thought.

Well, some things never change-- just the reasoning behind them. Byron is gone. Left us for more exciting adult types (who sleep through the night I might add). As the clock approached 5pm and the boys began their "I'm hungry" cries, I joyously announced that we would be eating boxed gourmet tonight. They seemed excited enough. I was thrilled at my night off from cooking and so dinner commenced. Start to finish in about 15 minutes.

So babe, THIS is what you missed!

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