Monday, January 5, 2009


Today in the mail we got a card from Byron's grandma and our kids only living great grandparent. She addressed the card to Mr. and Mrs. Byron Peacock and Angels. It's not the first time she has sent a card addressed this way- she's done it several times, but it always makes me smile and laugh a little.

She's only met the boys once, but insisted then they wonderful little kids. Never mind that she doesn't have to break up the fights(I just had to stop typing to do just that!), put up with potty mouth and backtalking, disobedience, etc. etc. All she saw were cute little children of God.

Since one of my new goals is to be a better mother and look for the good in my kids, I really appreciated her perspective in the mail today. Yes, they are angels-- imperfect as they may be, and streaking through my kitchen at this very moment.

Thanks Grandma Y for the reminder! Have you spanked (I mean KISSED) your little angels today!?

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