Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Opening Day

This last weekend was opening day for Soccer and Baseball, so I thought I'd share a couple pics of the boys' big day.

 Ethan is playing Rookie League baseball this year, which means they actually play with rules and the coach pitches to them. He seems to be picking up the game quite well and is really having fun with it. It is so fun to see him have something of his own that he enjoys. While he hasn't knocked one out of the park yet, he is a dependable hitter and  is improving all the time! I had complained to Colonel Mustard that Baseball is so boring and there is so much standing around, but at his game last night I found myself yelling and getting excited just like I do at Soccer, so I'm sure the game will grow on me as I watch him play more.

Andrew is playing U10 Soccer again this season and since practice started a month ago, the tell tale signs have appeared that it is once again soccer season--a voracious appetite that rivals a teenage boy, and pants and shorts that have suddenly become too small due to his ever enlarging thigh and buttock muscles! (which I'll say is good--he starts to look a little like a chicken in the winter and I prefer my boys a little meatier than that!) After a season of being the runts on the field, his team is looking a lot stronger this season, so it should be fun to watch them play.

(Sorry the pics aren't better, but we had to stand out of the way so the pros could get a descent picture for their scrapbook!)

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