Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

I ripped this off a Facebook friend, mostly cause I'm too lazy to download pictures tonight--I'll get to that. Those of you that live here have obviously had the same entertaining week, but for those of you that don't--tomorrow we will be working on our 4th day off School-- and for the most part work. I love having my kids home, but dread having to make up all these days.

In my opinion the first two days were warranted--today was pushing it--and tomorrow, well that's just plain ridiculous. Then again we happened to be driving home on the freeway tonight when we came to a several mile section where our lane was pretty well frozen over, and you should have seen the line of idiots in front of us. What part of "don't slam on your brakes when driving on a sheet of ice" do you not understand?

The snow is really beautiful to see, especially after the freezing rain made everything look like a skating rink. It glistens in the sunlight and is really something to behold. Despite the extreme mess it has created, I am very grateful to have a taste of real winter. Well not so much winter--winter sucks, but snow is one of God's most beautiful and peaceful creations.

And those of you up north, give us Southerners a break. We have crazy ice, 10 snow plows, and 4+ million idiots who couldn't pass a Driver's Ed class.

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AMiller said...

Hey, we have lots of snow plows and get snow all the time and people still don't know how to drive. Always fun!