Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Goodbye to an old friend

I have waited to post about this because it was a painful topic. However, everyday I think of it, and feel guilty that I have not paid tribute to our old friend.

Some of you know that our last dog Buddy had not been too well over the past 8-9 months. In fact, I was certain that he was going to die about 6 months ago but I couldn't bring myself to have him put to sleep. He was very old and had a couple large tumors on his neck and stomach. He had been having seizures on a fairly regular basis and we are quite certain that at one point, he had a stroke.

I am not one who feels very comfortable having my pet put to sleep. For some reason, I really feel they should die naturally. However, this time I was faced with a very difficult decision. We had to leave and we couldn't take him with us. I also feared that he was too old and sick to make the trip even if we could bring him along. I had talked to others about taking him and finally, was helped by a friend to the conclusion I already knew. I could either allow him to pass with us, or someone who didn't care would immediately do what I didn't have the constitution to do. I spoke with the vet and her tech and they agreed this was the best decision for his poor health.

The day before we left Georgia, I took my dear old friend, and put him to rest. We were able to bury him next to his old friend Bear before we left our home. In retrospect, I realized I probably should have let him go sooner.  I am grateful, and my heart is at peace, knowing he laid his head in my lap as he took his last breath, and was able to be buried at home where he belonged.

Goodbye to my dear friend Buddy. You have been a part of our family for so long. We love you and miss you.
 Thus closes another wonderful chapter of our lives. 
 Dec. 21, 2001- Apr. 9, 2014

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