Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some Stellar Dudes

I keep thinking of things I forgot to post about before we left home. Maybe it's because I often long to be back there, or I simply have too much time to think about all the many things I forgot in that last crazy month in Georgia.

I guess the boys wanted to leave Georgia with a bang, and they both had a couple of neat accomplishments the week before we left.

Ethan scored his first home run in Baseball! He has always been one of those reliable hitters who can get you on first, but he finally proved he can knock 'em out of the park too! I wish I had gotten a video of it!

Ethan and Andrew both left Gum Springs Elementary on the top 20 AR earners. They were sad to leave as they will get no recognition for their year of hard work getting there. It's a LOT of reading! And I'm certain there were a couple of happy kids at Gum Springs when two spots suddenly opened up! I am sad that the kids missed the end of the year. There are so many people there we love and I wished we didn't have to leave like we did.

Andrew also earned another "Hall of Famer" at Gum Springs as he set the school record in the mile just before we left. 6:01. No--I can't keep up--I'm too old and I won't try anymore. So close to breaking into 5 min. territory!
Well now--he looks like rock star (or a punk!) in this picture doesn't he!!

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