Friday, October 8, 2010


How fast can you run a mile? To be honest I really can't run much at all anymore. When it comes to running, my body is like an 80 year old woman. I can run for a while, but inevitably, within a couple of weeks, I'm in enough pain that I have trouble sleeping. This was an acceptable side effect when I was younger, but in my wise old age, I've determined that sleep is much more valuable than a runner's high. I did get a hankering a few months ago and had to prove to myself I still had it in me. So I ran for a while, even clocked a mile on the treadmill in a little over 6 mins. once. (though I thought I may die afterward!) Not bad for a non-running old woman.

The mid-life crisis thing to do is run a marathon or triathalon or something. I will never be able to do either, so I'll have to come up with something else, something less exciting, something more fattening! And in the mean-time I'll live vicariously through my kid.

So back to my question. How fast can you run a mile? Is 7:48 a good time for the mile? Not a shabby time at all in my book. What if you were 4 feet tall and 7 years old?

Andrew was so excited to run the mile this week. They run it twice a year in school for the Presidential Physical Fitness test. His goal for himself was the mid-7's, and while I thought it was an overly lofty goal for a 7 year old, he came pretty close. Imagine what a little training would do for the kid? So I figure I may have a year or two left until he leaves me in the dust.

And for my midlife crisis I'll be eating bon-bons while I cheer him on instead.


AMiller said...

That is an awesome time! How young is too young to start training?
I remember your fanatical running. You were cra.zee!

Kristin said...

NO training to be a runner- I don't want him broken like me. I think you have to be careful with any kind of training pre-puberty. Their bodies are growing and can't handle the stress.

The Bertagnoles said...

WOW! That is fast. As far as your mid-life crisis event, go for the body building competition and show off those guns!! Skip the running! lol. :) ok, so Im half-way kidding.
Ill sit on the side lines with you and eat bon bons! That sounds like it would be my kind of thing!
No, Im not a big fondant person...It was fun to experiment with, but I don't like the taste so I think Ill just stick to decorating with it every now and again. Good luck with your upcoming cake. I love seeing what you come up with!

Jaime said...

that's incredible!! go dude, I thought I was cool when I was 12 b/c my time was 6:23 or something like that, but then by the 8th grade my time was over 8 minutes, guess I just didn't care, but I still love to run whether I'm fast or not. can't believe you can still run it that fast, crazy!