Thursday, April 14, 2011

Andrew's Day

Today was Andrew's day-- a good day to be him!

After winning first place in his Lit Blitz Class for the year, we moved onto soccer where he Finally scored his first goal!

Andrew usually plays in the position of Striker and is very obedient- his job it to pass the ball to the Forwards, which he has dutifully learned to do so well. However, he even passes to the forwards when the shot is clearly his and he should take it. I have been so hoping he would just score a goal so that he could gain the confidence to do what the rest of us know he is capable of.
And tonight-- he did it!
Not, once, Not twice, but four times! I was so excited to see him accomplish that, and the turnaround was immediate. It was a great game for his team and especially for Andrew!

(Sorry no pics of the goals- they happened so fast and I didn't have the video camera with me tonight)

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