Friday, April 1, 2011


I love holidays that have little or no commitment, and require no large gatherings of people pretending to get along and like each other. Thus, I love April Fool's day. No commitment to do anything, but a free pass to prank whomever, whenever, and however you like.
Now I'm not big into major pranks. I love to hear about them, but I always fear the repercussions would not be worth the initial excitement--I'll save those for the frat boys.
I did pull a little one on Colonel Mustard this morning. I changed the orientation on his laptop (to upside down), and when he sat down he was pretty upset that his computer was jacked up. I was going to tell him I dropped it on the stairs, but me thinks that would have been crossing the line and would have had him fuming. Instead, I just let him sweat a little and restart his computer a couple of times.

So that was my prank for the day and we had an April Fool's dinner so that I could celebrate a little more without getting paybacks I don't want.
"Cake" for dinner
(actually a stromboli )
"Burgers" for dessert
"Orange Soda" Ava was really miffed that her straw didn't work in the orange jello.
Oh, and I threw some boring broccoli in there for good measure--I'm not that cool of a Mom!

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Faith Peacock said...

How awesome was that meal! I may be a little jealous!