Monday, March 28, 2011

Nerd Convention

Last week was the annual Nerd Convention at the elementary school. Nerd Convention you say? AKA--Science Fair. I can call it the Nerd Convention because my kid was there. And he's a Nerd. And all the other kids, his friends, are nerds too. But that's okay with me. I am most grateful to have a nerd child and sincerely hope that my other children will be nerds too. It's an easy life for a mother--and I like the easy way!

This year, they decided to make the kids do the entire project by themselves--which I think is great and a big relief for us lazy nerd mothers. And I was surprised and proud of the great job Andrew did. Who knew that the seven year old I coddle almost continually, was capable of putting together such a nice presentation? Well, now I know and I shall put that knowledge to good use.

I got this great shot of Andrew in front of his project. Doesn't he look thrilled to be there?
"Hurry up Mom. Take the stupid picture so we can show Dad what he missed. It's 6:10 and I'm late for soccer practice. I've already been at this school for 8 hours today. And people keep walking by and smiling while I pose for this stupid picture. And...what's that smell???.....Oh, that's me....come on, let's get out of here!"

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