Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real and Imagined

Ava is at the age where she's starting to really embrace her imagination. This of course is wonderful for me, as it means she will play in her room for more than 2 minutes without crying for me or a movie. This morning she was running around the house, circling the bedroom as Colonel Mustard got ready for work, squealing with delight. She stopped briefly in the kitchen and I asked,

"Is Daddy getting you?"

"No, it's an animal. An animal is getting me!"

And a few minutes later, it was a dinosaur...and then baby Elmo.

Now I won't say that my boys have lost their imagination, it is still very much alive, but as they grow, they are increasingly more aware of reality.

Take for instance, Ethan a couple nights ago. We were in the kitchen eating dessert, and Ethan, comes sauntering out of the bathroom wearing only his pajama top. NOTHING else. He walks right into the kitchen and says,

"Mom, where's the butt wipes?"

Yep, that's it. Keepin' it real.

I would've posted a picture, can use your imagination!

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