Monday, March 21, 2011

How to properly get lost

We spent our weekend in Tennessee, because we really needed to get away from the grind. I honestly can't remember the last time we left town for the weekend. It's been too long. Anywho, we went to Chattanooga  Friday night and stayed in the Choo Choo hotel- the kids loved it and our trip was too last minute to find a camping spot.

We had planned Saturday to drive to the middle of nowhere and hike into a cave. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the state park, the old, rather crotchety, lady said we could hike to the cave, but we couldn't go in because people were disturbing the bats that live there. She gave us some crappy maps, and some awful directions and sent us on our way.
An hour later we pulled over at some hole in the wall convenience store and attempted to ask directions from the local rednecks. I couldn't understand a word they were saying other than, "we ain't never heard a that befo." and "y'all most to McMinville."  We called the state park back, and Colonel Mustard was chastised by the crotchety park ranger-- "You can't go in those caves- I told you that you can't go in there." Finally, she informed us that we had driven an hour in the wrong direction. Yeah for us!
Now we were an hour out of our way, somewhere between BeerSheeba Springs and McMinville (wherever that is) and it was already lunch time. So, we did what any redneck family of five stuffed into a Honda accord would do.
First, I told Colonel Mustard "I told you so," and "we drove all the way out here for nothing." And he replied, "whatever," and didn't say anymore because he knows that being silent annoys me more than anything. Then we drove up the road about a mile, at which point I expressed that he'd better pull over and let me drive, cause I couldn't sit in the passenger seat through that windy mountain road again without tossing my cookies. Then we looked on the map and decided we could salvage our day by going to some of the nearest outdoor attractions and hoping they weren't lame.

And lame they weren't. I do believe that I would be happy to be lost in Tennessee anytime. 

Picture taking- hanging off a cliff at the Stone Door.

The Stone Door. Narrow steep staircase between rock cliffs- very cool.

Greeter Falls (upper Falls)

Greeter Falls (Lower Falls)

Foster Falls

Bridge to Foster Falls

Pictures cannot truly capture how beautiful and majestic these sites were. (and I've seen a lot of waterfalls!) I can't wait to go back and get lost again!

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The Bertagnoles said...

BEAUTIFUL! Glad you were able to make the best of it. I laugh at the redneck tales you have to tell. I thought wyoming was!
Thanks for the words of comfort on my blog. :) I know you have it a lot worse than I do!