Monday, April 4, 2011


Ethan decided that he would give baseball a try this year-- actually T-ball-- since there's no pitcher and it's just organized chaos with a ball in the middle.

After two weeks of being rained out from practice and games, they finally played their first game this weekend. And Ethan did great! Great being relative to how he performed in soccer, which was standing behind the crowd of kids chasing the ball! (he didn't care for that sport)

He was the very first one up to bat and he had no idea what was going on. He swung, hit the ball, and everyone yelled run! So he ran. First toward the pitcher's mount, then out to right field, and finally back to first base.

But never fear, after his first nervous attempt, he had it down. First run to first, second run to second, third run to third.

And best of all, In a T-ball game, it doesn't matter where you are assigned on the field, when that ball flies everyone runs and dog piles on the ball! It was thoroughly entertaining.

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