Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bring It Bunny

Easter is over...and with it, my love for the bunny. Cute, furry little rotten creatures. One such rodent has met his match and he doesn't even know it yet.

These are my broccoli plants. Or shall I say WERE my broccoli plants.

And this was an Eggplant.

And these are my peas that appear to have been mowed down overnight.

Well sorry Mr. Bunny, the free lunch is over. This is war!

Wish I had a night vision camera to watch you chomp down and run with you eyes on fire!

"Ahhhhhh....This broccoli tastes like cayenne pepper! Make it stop! Make the burning stop. I promise I won't eat your broccoli anymore!"

That's right Runny Babbit, you won't eat my garden anymore--cause you'll hate to see what I pull out next.

Anyone got a spare cat???

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