Monday, April 6, 2009

Toothless No More

Yes, that's right- she cut her first tooth a few days shy of 8 months. A little late for my kids, but still too early. Before you know it she'll be walking out the door to go to college. Okay, I made a little bit of a leap there, but point made. It all just goes too fast. Especially the first year.

Don't get me wrong, feeling like the 24 hour Golden Corral gets old, but the price is so worth the reward! Mom, I can see why you had 13 of these.

No I can't. What am I talking about? You're still crazy Mom........but I'll admit to empathizing with a little (teensy bit) of your insanity!

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Darin and Jena Bailey said...

My baby is 4 now and I wonder where the time goes. Eventually you have a hard time remembering if they were ever little. I remember you being done at one....I am glad you perservered.