Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She looks like Dave

If your not laughing, I guess you don't get it!

If you don't get it, don't worry........it's not that funny.

But THIS, is funny. Ava being introduced to "Baby Songs" by her older brothers. If you want a good laugh come borrow our "Baby Songs" DVD. The little kids love it, but it's a ridiculous flashback from the '80's. As cheesy as they come, but your sure to find a little kid in here that looks just like you did. (I would never admit it though!)
"Oh, my brothers turned on a movie for me-- this is interesting. Why are that kid's pants rolled up like that?""Ahhhh... check it out! It's mullet boy, standing next to the girl with her bangs standing straight up."
"Dude, my brothers are really into this. I'm not sure it's good for my image to been seen with these two. Hey look, that mommy stuck her finger in a light socket!"

"All right, this can't be for real. I'm embarrassed to be sitting here."


Jaime said...

ok, i'm laughing b/c WE HAVE BABY SONGS, too!! Natalia used to be scared of the monkey in the song "sittin in a high chair- bang my spoon" and don't you love the "where is jimmy, where could he be?"
gotta love that cheesy video. in fact, danny still sings finger foods at the dinner table to the kids and they all chime in, probably to annoy me b/c i get so sick of the songs!

Kristin said...

So glad someone else has this DVD! Don't you hate how catchy the songs are? I'll be honest- I've danced around the living room to them to entertain my kids. Byron's favorite is the little mullet boy in "Oh What a Miracle am I!"

Darin and Jena Bailey said...

I love the 80s.. I may have to check this dvd out. oh by the way you need to read those books because Byron is on the right track..

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness...I am seriously laughing out loud...