Monday, March 16, 2009

Cinderella: Part II

Remember that Wii we got for Christmas? (We've discussed it's personality disorders before) It has become my not so best friend. It and my children were grounded a lot. Nobody liked that arrangement, so we tried a new one. We must "earn" Wii time at our house now.

This was Saturday.

I offered my vacuum as a way to earn Wii time---I didn't get any takers, so I did it myself. Then the whining commenced and I had to find a new job. Ahhh....I was just getting ready to mop.

I once told my Mom she had all those kids to make us slaves. Now I know why she laughed hysterically when I so ignorantly commented.

My floor never looked so bad after a mopping job!

But...they were proud, and so was I. (After I re-mopped it!)

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AMiller said...

You are teaching them valuable lessons. What a good mom. I make my kids clean the bathrooms. They actually fight over who gets to clean the toilet. Oh, and I give them an empty garbage bag and tell them to clean out all the trash cans in the house - another favorite. I usually only have to pick up a few things they dropped on the floor.