Sunday, March 1, 2009

Redneck Snowstorm

There are many reasons, besides the obvious climate inhibitions, it doesn't snow very often in the South. Something about Rednecks and snow lends itself to a less than mature progression of events.

Take for instance how we spent our Sunday. (with the most snow we've seen in the 4 years we've been in Georgia) It all begins rather innocently.

It's snowing!!! We must go outside and play in the cold wet stuff.

Oooohhhh... let's have a taste of that fluffy white stuff. Then we'll go inside and pretend we're from up North and don't ever use the phrase "Git R done."

The snow keeps on coming and who can pass up sledding down the front lawn... on the boogie boards.

....In our sandals.

Junk that. Let's just hook the boogie boards to the back of a truck and embrace our new found southern roots!

.....With our children watching. (They were born rednecks. Can we really corrupt them anymore?!)So there you have it. Our own little photo album of "What Rednecks Do When it Snows."


AMiller said...

Hey, I used to go to my grandpa's and we would hold onto the horses tails as we tried to "ski" in the snow. I really don't think it was safe.
And, oh my goodness, your neighborhood looks gorgeous. I forgot that people still have yards in some parts of the US.
Admit it - you've always been a redneck.

Wendy said...

SO FUNNY!! (And true...)

Kristin said...

Amber I believe "we" (notice I didn't exclude you) grew up as "white trash." Think I'm taking a step up as a redneck??!!

Jazz and Rod said...

We all know rednecks use those tin garbage can lids for sleds - and you used boogie boards instead! You guys make being redneck pretty freakin classy...